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Temporary fix - issues will remain
Looks like there are some remaining issues but the site can be viewed and somewhat usable other than the style issues. Some of the settings in the back end of the website were a bit off and you need to request that the webhost upgrade AO to Apache2 in order to use the short urls and for the .htaccess file to work proper.

I upgraded the site to the latest vbulletin release but much of the styles/templates I made are out dated and need a lot of work to look right with the new changes. I honestly don't have the time to get those changes done but once the webhost updates the server to apache2, I will make sure the short urls are back and things are working properly.

Some links will be broken until the webhost updates AO to apache2
Arin you rock as always. I'll do my best not to screw anything else up. Working on getting switched.
No problem. I added a new style and made a quick (very simple) header logo. This new style is set as default but will be replaced with the one I made earlier this year.... after I fix it and the others... time permitting.
Thanks for your help, since Mel messed it up I have been going through web wheeling withdrawals in Afghanistan.
I like the new look of the website. plain, simple, useable. Smile
Thanks Arin for getting this working
No problem! Happy to help and will be doing some more work very soon to polish things up. Sorry I couldn't help you guys out earlier. I was in the high sierras (Pickel Meadows CA) for over a month attending the Marine Corps Mountain Mountain Leader Course and also their Assault Climber's Course.
Honestly that sounds more fun than working on computer and website stuff.
Thank you Arin you ROCK!!! :rockon:
Not sure why... but just so you know... when I was trying to upload a group of photos to one of the galleries I received the following message after I clicked on the process button
... when I refreshed my page the photos had been uploaded... So there could be a glitch still in that area of the site still. [h=1]Not Found[/h]The requested URL /forum/browseimages.php was not found on this server.Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/1.3.42 Server at Port 80
yeah, its an apache error. can't fix till you guys move to a new webhost or the current one upgrades you.
Working on it now Arin. I'll send you a message when I have it all set up and ready for ya.

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