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Alaska Association of Off Highway Vehicles (AKAOHV)
Not sure if you as a club and/or individuals are interested in creating a statewide OHV association but here's a link to the thread I started on Alaska4x4 Network discussing it: [url=http://[/URL]
We sure would like input from every club statewide.
2B2P(Mike F/Chris) and AKX(Tyson/Cody) are working to get the basics together. Check Alaska4x4 regularly for updates.
the thread is no good on my end.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]that is .. the link anyway
Try this one[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]Did we talk about this in a meeting? Sorry if I am behind the power curve.
It was mentioned but we only had 4 members there. It'll be on next months agenda.
We're getting close to opening this up for membership. I'll let you know when it does.
Tomorrow we will open up for membership. Here is the link:
Good to know. I registered on the website.
Tried the link - said page not found...
Try this, I thought it was just my GOV computer in Afghan.
Just to let everyone know a few things about membership, registering, etc.
MEMBERSHIP: We are now accepting membership applications through our website which can be reached by Registration on the website is free. We are having issues with the online portion until we get our payment account fully setup. In the meantime we are accepting them by email or in person. Membership is on a annual basis starting July 1 of the year. Anyone that begins their membership in 2012 will be paid through June 30th, 2013.
FORUM: The address for the forum currently is That will change in the next few days. When it does that link will take you to the website instead. The new link to the forum will be Registration to the forum is free for the public section which is also viewable by guests. Once membership is paid you will have access to other areas.
WEBSITE: We have multiple email lists on the website. Most of them are based on your profile. Keeping your profile updated will help with getting you information that pertains to you. Check your profile often as we are working to find what information we need to run the Association the best.
With the changes above we will also be setting up emails to reach each of the Board members. You can also contact us via the contact us tab on the website or by sending one of us a message through the forum.
MEETINGS: We are working at having our first general meeting on February 23rd at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage. Watch the website for details. Our goal is to have meetings every 1st Tuesday at the BP Energy Center but they are booked for the 1st Tuesday's through June.
FACEBOOK: We also have a page on facebook. We haven't posted much on their yet but will be utilizing it for upcoming events. Look it up under Alaska Association of Off Highway Vehicles or like us on the website.
Please pass the word to anyone that uses or supports the use of motorized vehicles on the trails.
AKAOHV President
We would like to start a similar association in Baffin Island, Nunavut (east arctic). We have the "road to nowhere" and are constantly seeing more people interested in organizing something

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