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after getting home from the meeting I found that my wheel spacers were loose. The wheel studs that sit behind the rotor were not seated and I never got the correct torque when I put them on. I am not sure how I missed this!
I Had to tack weld the heads of the wheel studs in place behind the rotor after I pulled the bearing assembly off.

It was a Good thing they did not work their way off! I am going to have to go with a different brake setup,
The brake pads don't even cover all of the rotor. Front brakes work but they could be better.

Hopefully this holds until get some brake brackets from SOLID and run 3/4 ton chevy brake calipers. I didnt know that Solid offered this setup when I was building the truck, it would have made things much more simple and cheaper than the route i went with.
So I am all moved in my new place and the garage is just about organized. I need a tool box though ! First project i got done was sliders for the dodge. Well its about 75% done.
[Image: 10337741_10154660673335005_7154915999050...9bd55c.jpg]

[Image: 10679745_10154660640380005_1778631323298...f19db2.jpg]
[Image: 1966817_10154660670860005_27334300567359...919659.jpg]

Built me some sliders. Need to invest in a kinker for the rails. Need something to step on and also hook the highlift on. Welded the sliders to the frame. For the front mount i cut some steel to make a bracket and welded it to the front of the cab
I need to do this to my K-5. What type of material did you use?
3/16 steel all the way around.
2 x 6 square tube
1 7/8 outer diameter pipe
Rear axle truss is finished. Added a few parts here and there from diy4x and ruff stuff.
[Image: 20160118_235442_zpstvdcyfoc.jpg]

[Image: 20160118_235644_zpsd2tbyrqs.jpg]

[Image: 20151214_221817_zpsbiijaa0g.jpg]

[Image: 20151215_231831_zps26mi2enz.jpg]]

[Image: 20151215_231841_zpssyzbo4hl.jpg]

[Image: 20151215_232015_zps1grxtfnm.jpg]

Ended up putting in a cheap cb radio. It was laying around, so whatever. It works short ranges.
Added 44s with staun internal beadlocks from coyote offroad.
I did some clearancing and added bump stops


[Image: 20150914_200155_zpspkwebtgf.jpg][/URL[URL=][Image: 20150906_194336_zpskojdncak.jpg][/URL[URL=][Image: 20150914_200155_zpspkwebtgf.jpg][/URL[URL=][Image: 20150914_200106_zpsqpwykm2j.jpg][/URL[URL=][Image: 20150830_112638_zpsps5hybnb.jpg][/URL[URL=][Image: 20150907_021505_zpsvjv1rvr4.jpg]

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