Poll: where does the ideal size for a wheelable rig fall under?
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Micros- (Samurai, Sidekicks, Raiders)
2 13.33%
Compacts- micros- Jeep (wranglers,TJ, etc.)
2 13.33%
Small SUV (cherokees, 4 runners, etc.)
2 13.33%
Mid-sized trucks (S10, Tacomas, etc.)
2 13.33%
Full Size SUV/short bed st. cab trucks
7 46.67%
Anything with a long bed or 4 doors
0 0%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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Little vs. Big rigs
its late, im half awake.
I was thinking about the meeting and I just thought about the comment about rig sizes on the trails. I wheel a full sized rig, well actually 2 of em! but what is noteworthy is that after the modifications on my k5, it will be agile enough to maneuver, throttle and flex through the skinny trails just like the jeeps, samurai, and other smaller rigs. I am essentially compensating for the large size of the vehicle by building it smaller, or building it so it is functional on small sized trails.

Getting closer to the point:
I am noticing a trend of building rigs for trail wheeling is drifting to a happy medium in magazines and current online builds (especially sites like ak4x4, pirate4x4). It seems that the small sized rigs are "growing" and the larger rigs are being "chopped" down.

where does your opinion on the ideal size of an OHV stand with you on a spectrum ranging from a samurai to 4 door long bed truck?
Vote for where you stand, comment if you like. Remember that the rigs in options are just a reference point to the desired size and length of vehicle. If you are stuck in between what size you prefer, just note that in the comment too.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]I am stuck in between a mid sized truck and a full sized SUV/short bed truck for my ideal sized rig.
I like the maneuverability a mid sized has, but I like the strength of a full sized rig too.

My ideal rig is a hybrid like most of our rigs are or eventually going to be. I am trying to find out what the preferred "average wheelable" trail rig size.
Well, if Franken Buggy is a base I guess I like small cab on a sturdy midsize frame. I liked the idea of having my tires be the widest part of the rig so I don't have to worry about the body getting caught up on the trail. The only problem I am running into is the headroom once the roll cage is installed or lack there of. I will definitely need some kind of padding on it.
I got a helmet you can borrow Big Grin
Not sure if there is room for a helmet! It is a VW body. Cool
I like the ability to carry people and your gear. I have 3 kids with me pretty much every time I wheel, so seating is critical. I've wheeled a bunch of vehicles, but like the ones I can find parts to the easiest, plus things like the 1-tons bolt in.

There are times I wish I had a smaller rig, but not at this time. If I find the right Scout for the right deal someday, I might have two rigs and run whichever one will fit down that particular trail.
I like my xj. It seats us fine for now. Also it has some aftermarket support but not enough that there are a ton out there like the wrangler. I'm opposite of Mark. I don't like something that is easy to find parts and bolt ins. I like the different stuff. But for size I think the xj or similar is just right.
I like the TJ for most wheeling here due to close quarters.

If I lived elsewhere a JK unlimited on 40s would be perfect.
I guess I would think I am down sizing if I go from a f250 to a k5, does this count? Plus I have to run a full size, I am 6'4" and I don't fit in a Sammy or anything that size. Plus I like the challenge of the big rig on the tight trail, who needs body panels anyways.
it would be funny to see you wheel a sami brandon!
And yes, a downsize is a downsize,
Ya'll know what i voted for! That said i plan on building a longer wheel base zuk for a little more room.
I've fit the Blazer in some fairly tight spots. Although i'm with brandon on the body pannel comment - who needs 'em?
I'm with Mark in that family will be along
I've spent way too many summers stuffing 11 family member at a time in Skitzo (which is now mostly a mud racer anyway)
I like the stability, the power, and the toughness of the full sized rigs.
I also do like the easily available parts

Full size 70's Chevys are preferred here.
Samurai till I die. When I first started looking for a rig to wheel, I was looking for a full size truck. Then came across the Samurai and I will never look back. Little, small, agile, parts are cheap, and they are just ++++ cool. It's not to often that you see a Samurai on the trail. That being said I do agree with room being limited. Have to have room for my dogs and all the gear. It gets a little tight. Like Shane said a LWB Samurai would be awesome and that is in the works. One more thing I saw a maroon Samurai 2 weeks ago in downtown Baghdad and followed that little thing all the way to the owners house. The guy probably thought we were going to engage him with rockets but oh well, it was still awesome to see one in Iraq.
If not a zuk i would go big real big, Unimog, hemmitt or a Tatra.
ak_petey Wrote:it would be funny to see you wheel a sami brandon!
And yes, a downsize is a downsize,

His knees would be in his throat but I think he can do it, he is bendier then he looks.
Funny how most people picked the full size rigs but we don't see them on the trail.
A lot of it depends on where and what terrain you wheel. Down here the TJ/XJ wheel base is about perfect and for size TJ and smaller, Full size rigs don't work very well here but people do wheel them.
Zukman Wrote:Funny how most people picked the full size rigs but we don't see them on the trail.
are you speaking of AO full sized rigs or just in general?

In general I dont think that people like to take their full sized rigs on the trail because they dont want to get their paint scratched or dented. after seeing kevin's blazer years ago for the first time, I understood the trade off. sure there is going to be carnage, but heck, its more of a challenge and takes a little more attention

however I would love to build a small yota in the future Smile
I didn't vote until now. when you did this pole I didn't have internet. I like the small pick up, hence my toyota build, I like the looks of mini trucks but I voted for small SUV. Since I was a kid I have been wheeling in SUV's, they haul people and gear very well. I liked my CJ7 but its inpractical for a family. I choose the Small SUV even though I like mini trucks because I believe suv's wheel better then pick ups because of the more even weight balance from the front to the rear , the small SUV's generaly turn tighter, Small vehicles fit on the trails better and the better gas milage doesn't hurt either. But if I was going through the MUD, then there is no replacement for cubic inches!
Petey i was meaning this club, A lot of people picked full size rig but we see few of them on the trails.
I need to get my junk finished. It's so close, I think I'm just gonna sneak out a few nights and work on it.
Hey I roll the K5 and "Slim Fast" my F250. But then again I will build a down sized all tube rig in the future. And I agree with Petey, the chalange of squeesing a 5000 lb fat body rig down a trail behind a Zuk is fun!!!
or clearing the trail for the zuk Big Grin[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]the only downfall is having to crawl out the windows when the trail is tight (BANNER Creek)
im partial to S10s on 1 tons myself, but in all seriousness mid size or wrangler are the way to go in my opinion. Built of course.

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