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1st AOAA meeting
May 9th 630pm At the TVSA building across from Fred Meyers on airport. This will be an initial meeting to start up a Fairbanks Chapter of AOAA. Dezi in FAO is setting up the meeting as well she is the interim chair person for it right now. I hope that the majority of our club will be present. Yes I set my hopes high. This is a very important happening. This is great as we don't currently have anyone really to help with issues that arise. So please make every effort to be there.

also AOAA is trying to set up a booth at the Gun show April 30th and May 1st at the Patty center. If it does happen there is the need for some folks to work the booth. If you are interested in that please let me know.
The AOAA website appears down. Do we know anything about them?
AOAA is very active in Anchorage/Wasilla area. We used to be associated with them, but they didn't do much for us up here.

I actually thought the meeting was this past Monday and was all ready to go! I should be there on the 9th.
Brian come to the meeting and find out. That is the premise for this meeting. They still list us as a member.
I just don't want to be doing FAO business.
I think all the Clubs in the area are trying to get in on this and help out. I would if I could, but it would be nice if the WEB site was working.
As stated before this AOAA. It's about access to the outdoors. Not even directed at one user group. The biggest issue in the interior isn't the Feds or the tree huggers. It is the usergroups fighting each other. I highly recommend all members come out to the first AOAA meeting.
I don't know what's up with the website. I know they said they were changing things a little while back. They do have a Facebook page as well.
Bump for tomorrow's meeting. I hope to see you all there.

630pm TVSA building across from Airport Fred Meyers
well t would have been better for me if it was 2 weeks ago - I hav a meeting tonight in Delta Junction... so I won't make it.
I wiil be there.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make this one either. I had really planned on it, but timing is everything...

Whoever goes, please add a summary of what was discussed, positive & negatives for us.
Postive AO 4 out of 11 people that showed up Smile
Negative only 11 people showed up Sad
Good point Shane. And I say that because without people in the interior supporting this it is not going to happen. Dezi, the interim chairperson, gave a presentation on what AOAA is and about. The biggest thing is there needs to be involvement. You have to be a member of AOAA to have a vote when it comes time to form the board for the chapter up here. The meetings are open to all though. Only one real usergroup was represented last night, the offroad community. A few others were there though. So it has been discussed about getting the word out. Dezi has some pamphlets. I will try to get a bunch from her. We need to put these out at the auto stores, outdoor stores, bike places, outdoor rec on wainwright and eielson. they are trying to get Dermot Cole to wright an article about AOAA. Also looking at advertising the meetings on Craiglist, alaskalist, eielson for sale board and putting it in the community events calendar in the news miner. A few issues that are ongoing in the interior were discussed. But what it comes down to is having people involved and wanting to do something about the issues. Seems like that statement is being made a lot, and for a good reason. Right now the next meeting is scheduled for 20 June at 630pm, location TBD.
This had potential, though it will have limited power if only a few gearheads show up. Will need a broad base from all outdoor groups.

This is a big deal for the interior, as we only have a few areas to wheel....the military installations have even closed areas like beaver creek (I think that was the name).
Hit up a guy today for the next meeting who is involved with air boats, got DNR to approve a trail from Murphy Dome to the Elliott.

He has a list of pretty high power, experienced friends if they come.
So did this fizzle, or has someone heard of the location?
I haven't heard of the second meeting place yet. As soon as u hear something I'll pass it on.

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