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AOAA at the Outdoor Show
Mel Grove and some more staff of the AOAA (Alaska Outdoor Access Alliance) will be present. They are interested in hearing from the residents of the interior concerning outdoor recreation. We used to be a member of them but got nothing from them so we dropped it. But now they are showing great interest for forming a chapter up here. A member from another club has been speaking with him extensively about this. There is talk of some sort of dinner/info type thing sunday evening as well but I don't know details.

They are also raffling off a Browning .50 cal at the show and need some more volunteers to man the booth in 4 hour increments. To my knowledge they need people for sunday. If you can help out let me know and I will get you in touch with the person handling this.

So I would encourage each member that if you go to the show, I don't see why you wouldn't either, to stop and talk to them. Express interest in having an interior chapter and issues we face up here. They don't just work with off roaders but all user groups and have helped out many areas in southern Alaska already. This could also be a first critical step in getting clubs in the interior to work together on a common goal.
I would like a raffle ticket. If someone goes can you pick one up for me, Linda can pay you back.
ill be working, in 20 minutes at my job .. uh oh, gotta go!
otherwise i would. sounds like a good opportunity
This is next weekend. Sorry for not posting the dates. But I thought people knew. Donald we will get you one.
This is this weekend. I'm going to be there on Saturday checking things out. I'm busy friday evening and maddi's birthday is sunday. Anyone else going? There is also a gun show along with it. Might find Maddi a birthday present there Smile
Bumping again. If there is anyone that can or wants to make the dinner sunday evening with them please let me know soon. I would really like to have someone from the club there.
I can't
I might be able to Sunday evening, I need more info about when and where.
I can possibly swing by on Saturday - can't do Sunday evening though.
Lavells 6pm on Sunday. Let me know soon if you are going. Also be sure when you talk to these folks we represent our club and our sport and our interests. I'll be at the show sat around 10-1030. I'll have some stalker cards with me.
Shane, mike and I talked a bit to them today. I think mike is going to try to make the meeting Sunday and I am now able to. I encourge others to try.
I talked to them for a little while, I cannot make it Sunday now, so glad someone else can.

I'll have to pass on some of what was said while I was there later.

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