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MJ Rear Bumper
So I started a new project. I couldn’t stand the box look of the bumper that came with the truck so I cut it up and this is what I have so far. I would hit the bumper on the RTI ever time I went up in reverse so I angled it a bit, Added a 2" receiver and 1x3" tow points. I still have the ends to angle but not sure how I’m going to do it yet.
Looks good Eric. :allrighty:
Looks good, but very wide.
The truck is pritty wide. It just covers the rear of the body.
Here is a updated test fit before paint prep.
I finished up the rear bumper for the Comanche today. I ran out of black paint with this other CJ-7 project I have been working on so I had some black "Wrinkle" paint a friend left me when he moved so I used that. Weird stuff and takes forever to dry. I power coated two D-ring shackles silver to match the truck and offset the bumper. With the bumper on and now nowhere to put the plate I fabed up a receiver hitch plate mount witch is kind of trick. Here and some finished photos.
[Image: MJ%20rear.jpg]
[Image: MJ%20rear%202.jpg]
whats the goin price on one of those?
It sort of all depends on the price of steel when I go buy. Unless I find a more efficient way of making the angles since it’s a lot of welding and then grinding to make it smooth, around $500-$700. This one was all ¼", receiver and 1"x 3" for the tow points. This one is also fully boxed in, I was thinking of trying it with just plate and open in the rear. I think this would be less weight and save some time and money.
nice clean lines eric . is that 1x3 and plated the bottom for the angles ? very sharp . cant wait to see ya in june . every time i get a chance to come up my wife ends up having to work again ... sure do miss you my friend . so is your new house becoming a rolling jeep museum yet ?
That thing looks great Eric! Now get that thing locked up with fulll widths and 38's.
The steel used was,
The bumper that was on the truck was 1/4x4x2" steel. Not welded well at all, but why waste the steel at today’s prices. This truck is a budget build for me. So I cut the lower corner off and added a 66" piece of 4x1/4" flat bar and welded it up. Some of the nicest weld beads I have done and I had to grind them smooth. I then cut the ends at an angle and capped with more steel plate. Re-welded all the old welds. The tow points where made from 1x3" bar stock, cut and ground smooth and drilled with a 1" hole. They are spot welded from the rear and fully welded in front so it pulls on the whole bumper and not just the face. The receiver is 2x2x1/4’’ square stock and looks cool how it sets in the angle of the bumper.

The mounting brackets where pain. When I decided I just couldn’t stand to look at the old box steel bumper anymore, I thought it would be a quick pull off, cut and cap. Well it turned out to be much more work then that. The way it was made (I did make the old bumper, it came on the truck) I had to drop the rear springs. What a pain. I cut and the bracket at angles so I could slid it in and out with out messing with the springs, but did not mess with any of the mounting holes. I was a bit afraid I might have taken too much of it away but I don’t think so now. It is held on by 8 stock bolts, 4 on each side. I plan on adding more gussets to it later, but want to see how it holds up as is, before I start adding more weight.
looks even better in person! Good work.
Thanks Kev.

I made this quick fab plate mount out of scrap in like 10 minutes.
completely closed bumper eh??? can you say air tank
I tested it out today and it worked great!

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