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anyone headed to anchorage?
I am possibly going to be buying some axles in anchorage. Just checking to see if anyone is planning on heading down that way and back. I can throw in a bit of money for fuel costs Smile
I am planning a trip next Sunday and coming back tues. It's going to be a weekend getaway for the wife. Send me a PM and I will see what I can do for you man. Maybe trade for something?
I just got home from there, but I was in the suburban with no room for axles.
no axles yet, so no worries Smile
Juat to let everyone know I am currently in Anchorage and will be heading back to the banks mid day Tuesday. If you need something picked up and brought back give me a call and we can work out the details.
im headed down tomarrow to work on my house and do our taxes .. ill be driving by you brandon ..
man, My deal on the axles fell through Sad
will keep ya both posted if I find something Big Grin
Sounds good I will be leaving around noon and will be stopping in Wasilla to visit with my sister for a bit. Then back on the road.

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