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55 mile
I briefly talked about this at the March meeting. It is up for possible sell to the owners of The hotsprings. There will be a Public Meeting on March 23 at Noon.

hopefully some people can attend. I'm doubtful I'll be able to make it. Getting off work in the middle of the day isn't very easy for me. But I would like to see some of our folks there to find out information and speak up for us if the need is there.
Can written statements be made?
i can make it, I will be on leave
I don't know if written statements can be made or not. there wasn't much info on the borough site about it. If you click on the highlighted link above it will take you to the website.
Why are these meetings always on Wednesdays?!?!?!

Even noon on Wednesdays are busy for me...
Update. Good news, I think.

Talked with one of the owners of Chena hot springs....they are looking on the south side of the road, not the 55 mile side. She thought that was mental health land. Need to see about trail right of way there to preserve the trail's future.
It is mental health trust land. There very beginning off the road used to be private. But now I think it's all mental health at the beginning.
More info on this
The deal has fallen through, for now.

I think it'd be awesome to buy the land for $390/acre. I figure if we all pitched in this much we could have a us a pretty nice club get a way out there.
holy cow

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