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dodge power steering issues
im having power steering issues and i cant track down the problem ..

at idle the steering is locked up once rpms over 1200 rpm its starts to steer .

checking fluid it has lots of pressure under cap but fluid was right on the mark ..

fluid does look a little dark but not totally burnt . i cant find any leaks other than what looks to have puked out the cap .

what causes the pressure and lack of steering at idle ?
Likely a bad pump if it has to rev to build pressure. Your truck is too new to have a worn box.
X2 on the pump.
Dang its tight fit down there anyone know how to reach it on the cummins ?
holy crap i just checked and it IS TIGHT

I would start by removing the coolant hose, and the coolant reservoir.
then just remove the bracket entirely. wiggle it out, then swap pumps in the PS reservoir[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]I can swing by tomorrow around 10:15-10:30 AM tomorrow to lend a hand since my arms arent as big ang might be able to get in there a little easier.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]Big Grinupon checking mine, I need to ad coolant.
Yeah i think thats probably the only real way to get to it reasonably . No luck looking on line just says unblolt it after removing belt lol .. How i feel about chiltons version lol ..
I'll give a call before I head out in the AM Smile
Here's the steps from Alldata




  1. Drain and siphon the power steering fluid from the reservoir.
  2. Remove the serpentine belt. CAUTION: Do not remove the fitting on the pump that the high pressure hose screws into. The fitting may come loose unless it is backed up using another wrench. If the fitting does come loose, it must be retightened before continuing. (57 - 67 Nm, 40 - 50 ft. lbs.) . If this fitting comes out of the pump body, the internal spring and valve parts will fall out of the pump and they cannot be reinstalled properly. If this occurs the pump needs to be replaced with a new pump.
  3. Disconnect the return hose.
  4. Disconnect the pressure hose.
  5. Access to remove the three bolts securing the pump to the cylinder head can be gained thru the pulley holes.
  6. Loosen the pump bracket to the block.
  7. Remove the 6 intake plenum bolts (1).
  8. loosen the inner cooler tube clamp at the intake plenum and remove the intake plenum.
  9. Loosen the inner cooler tube clamp at the radiator support side and remove the tube from the vehicle.
  10. Remove the power steering pump (2) from the top of the engine compartment where the intake plenum was.

[Image: 121601459]

  1. Set the power steering pump (2) in place in the engine compartment from the top.
  2. Install the inner cooler tube.
  3. Tighten the inner cooler tube clamp at the radiator support side.
  4. Install the 6 intake plenum bolts (2).
  5. Tighten the inner cooler tube clamp at the intake plenum.
  6. Install 3 pump mounting bolts through the pulley access holes. Tighten the bolts to 28 Nm (21 ft. lbs.) .
  7. Tighten the pump bracket to the block.
  8. Reconnect the pressure line and return hose to the pump and reservoir. Tighten the pressure line to 37 Nm (27 ft. lbs.) .
  9. Install the serpentine drive belt.
  10. Fill the power steering pump.

I couldn't remember what year yours was, used an 06 for reference.

Alldata says 2 hours to do this job.
Man that is more steps than swapping a zuk engine!
thanks ill print this out . thats what i needed
No problem.

It had pictures, not many, but for some reason they won't post.

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