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CUMMINS' Performance
the motor only has 85 k miles on it. but it is an older truck so .... no warranty.
Your motor should have a 100k mile warranty.
Depends on the build date, I'm betting he's past it.
10yr or 100k miles. He isn't past it.
Good luck with that, especially with Gene's.

While I agree he should be good, they will find anything to get out of it.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]If you check the Dodge website the 03 Ram 2500/3500 only had a 7 yr 100K warranty.
Dodge did but the motor had a 10yr. It isn't a recall item. Some good dealers worked the system. I know Genes won't.
for the cummins it says 7 yr./100,000 warranty.
Usually that means whatever comes first voids the warranty.
7 years is up. since it is 2011. and the manufacture date is 2003
The warranty starts from the original sale date, not the date of manufacturing.
I am sure it sold in 2003.

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