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horrible HOT smell
Just noticed this today, I have a smell coming from my truck only when I get up 30-50 mph. I have never smelled this before, it is disgusting. I cannot locate/diagnose the smell either! Who is willing to sniff my truck?

the smell seems like a mix between burned metal, plastic, and electrical fire.
Stopped by born again transmission today. They think that the leaky front AND rear seals are slinging ATF on the exhaust.

I double checked and it is leaking badly. I let them know that I just resealed the t case. The mechanic said I needed to sand something down on the yoke before the new seals went in... Something about the spring on the seal wearing a grove in it. I imagine some silicone would help seal it up too. This cold weather probably isn't helping matters either
If your seal surface on your yoke is worn, silicone won't do squat. You'll need a speedy sleeve or a new yoke.
If it was worn you would have seen it during the rebuild.
I must have missed it. It was a long night.
Mark- did this catch your eye? I think you put in that seal.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]Oh that yoke.... I was confused. I was thinking the actual seal on the yoke output. I needed to be more specific. Sorry.

On the actual male end then. Yes... It probably needs a new yoke. What about the front? That's what I am worried about
I didn't see any bad wear on there.

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