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AllSTATE ins. Irritation rant
All state just canceled my policy due to too many claims.
I apparently have had 2 "claimant Struck Parked Insured "on my truck and 1 "at fault"

1. Some jerk in store parking lot hit and run on my rear bumper $400 in 02/2008
2. someone smashing out my rear tail light. $80 in 11/2008
3. that gear box failure "collision" caused body damage. $4500 in 10/2010

Ive been with AllState for 3 years.
they are doing this alot lately .. i see more coming as long as your paying in and they are not paying out they are than happy to keep you .. when april got hit twice in one month usaa tried to do the same thing .. both times were not her fault one was failing to stop at stop sign the other buss driver was drunk and slammed into her changing lanes . usaa tried to make me drop april off our policy .

the insurance company didnt want to sue the big company and just rollover on us .. i had to get a lawyer to protect our interests ..
seems as if AllState doesnt want to deal with NAPA for a S****Y reconstruct product
Man I've had two claims now and one was almost a total and state farm isn't even raising my rates.
I try and not use my insurance for little things, sometimes its not worth it. I have USAA, I have not had any problems, I had only 1 claim for no fault accident. As far as being hit from someone else, in the past I delt with their insurance company myself, I didn't see the point in paying my insurance company $500 for something that wasn't my fault, so I contacted and made the claim my self with there company each time coming out pretty good.

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