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XJ work
So I'll start a new thread to keep from cluttering up others.

Issues started on FCT. On the way out it would run right. We shut it down then it wouldn't start. Finally started and had to drive in 1st gear 4lo to make it out so I could put it on the trailer. When we stopped it was spewing coolant as it was over heating bad then it was spraying fuel out one of the fuel lines. We got that stopped.

So after some time I put another fuel line on. Couldn't get it to start and didn't have time to mess with it. Finally got it started last week. then nothing. Then got it started again but ran horrible. Did the coolant flush and shut it off. went to start again and nothing. It will not start. After sometime it acts like it wants to but wont. Has a bad knock which sounds like the flex plate.

so plan was to trouble shoot some sensors and pull the flex plate off and change it. I've had to pull the trans so many times I've gotten to the point of hating to do it. I worked on a coworkers car most of the day so didn't get much done yet. Found a few things though.

The fuel line is leaking. It's leaking at the fuel rail. I can't change the o-rings down it so I'm looking for another fuel line now. Wayne brought his compression tester by for me to use.
#1- 140psi
#2- 145psi
#3- 150psi
#4- 150psi
#5- 145psi
#6- 125psi

So the compressin is ok except for #6. Now how bad is that difference? Enough to be concerned?

My buddy might come by tonight to hook up his scanner to it so I don't want to be in the middle of changing the flexplate and not be able to use his services. I'm now debating whether to go ahead with it and chance it or wait till tomorrow to change it. With the fuel line leaking I can't do much as far as getting it running right till I replace that. So I may be doing the work tonight but most likely tomorrow as I do want to spend some time with Abbi since we celebrated her 5th birthday today.

Any ideas?

I still need to check the head as well to make sure the head gasket isn't blown. Oh and get new plugs, they weren't the greatest.
did u pull the plug on #6 see if your burning anti freeze ? but 25psi is a good drop but still enough compression to fire .

bad cps and flex plateis a good start , low fuel pressure will also cause hard starting .. i have a fuel line pressure guage too if u want me to bring it by ?
I was thinking CPS as well.
CPS is fine. Going to check the flex plate today. I know I have low fuel pressure due to the fuel leak. Going to see if schucks here has the fuel line repair kit. Hopefully I'll be working on it today.
let me know if u want me to bring the fuel pressure guage
I might borrow it once I get the fuel line fixed. Not much pint right now. There isn't enough fuel getting to the fuel rail to make pressure.

Just got home from church. I'm going to try to push it in the garage so I can pull the trans and start work on it in a bit.
So here is where it sits.

I have spark, I have fuel pressure (not sure about correct fuel delivery), and I have compressed air. But it wont start. It wont even attempt to. This is driving me crazy. I'm at the point I'm about to push it outside and when the block cracks I'll finish gathering parts for the stroker.

Here are the codes I pulled from it with the key on/off method.
11- No ignition reference signal detected or intermittent loss of crank or cam sensor
12- Memory standby power loss
22- Coolant sensor out of range
23- Intake ait temp out of range
24- TPS out of range
27- Logic module fuel circuit internal problem or TBI injector does not respond properly to control signal
33- AC clutch relay open or shorted
54- No sync pickup signal during engine rotation (turbo only) OR Internal logic module fault ('84 turbo only) I don't have a tubo.
55- end of test

So according to this everything is the problem.

I learned that our new prospect Pete, shane's coworker, has a solstice scanner. So I'm hoping to get ahold of him and he has some time this weekend or early next week to come out and take a look at it.

Shane can you get me his number?
Ok so Kelly came out tonight and we chased a voltage and power problem for a couple hours. That issue is still there. He hooked up his scope and we compared it to what it should look like and well it was wrong. I need to change the flexplate. Which I have known just haven't had the time to do it. I have issues starting something then having to stop and come back to it. so hopefully soon I will get this done. Now for the voltage issue I don't know. He was tracking it and I just cranked the motor, pressed the brake pedal, shifted the trans and other stuff like that. But he has an idea caused he called right after leaving asking about a diode. So time will tell on that one.
did u get it to start ? what is the condition of the puter ground to chassis ? my wifes jeep went into a hissy fit due to a computer to chassis ground .. just thinking out loud .
No start. Have to replace the flexplate first. All grounds are fine. But has a weird power draw we are still tracking.
is it a high amp draw or low ?
Not sure. All we know is things have power when they shouldn't. And things don't have the power they should. It's kind of weird. Injector 1 had 9. Something volts. This is just with the key on. Now it should have had 12. Something is pulling power to the alternator. We checked almost ever pin on the ECM. My tsp was shy over .5 volt of what it should be. My temp sensor was too high volts. My iat was high volts. the cranks and c sensor both had the 5v reference though. And they checked out fine. Just need to change the flex plate so that the CPS is picking up at the right time. I also had two injectors switched and got a good lesson on how it would have ran without much sign of this. Kelly has a good way of explaining things. I learned it's not necessarily the spray o the gas coming from the injectors but the towel of the vapors left from the injector and that with them switched there would have been enough vapors to keep it running ok.
my yota had similiar issues when i learnt about the dreaded white fuseable link .. after i rewired the whole thing everything came on when i hit the brakes ..

in the end it turned out i needed a new big heavy ga ground because i had deleted it when i rewired it .. the yota uses a huge white wire that works like a fuse to the main fuse box (mine has 2) but it dont change color when it goes so you have no idea where.. u have 2 unwrap the whole harness poking it with a test light ..
Trans pulled, not without issues that's for sure. Flex plate pulled. No cracksmthat I can see. One thing though is the torque conger bolts were loose. I cleaned the flex plate and my other one up and can't find any cracks. Does this put a hole in Kelly's theory of the flex plate moving and causing the CPS issue?

I need to go get some more dry sweep and clean up a little before crawling back under there to put the trans back in. Oh and the cooler lines may be screwed again.
my flex plate rotated a good 1/4 -1/2" and it still ran great, just had a annoying knock.
It wasn't loose or cracked. The tc bolts were though and I think that was the knock. But could it have caused my issues with a no start? I'm going to borrow kevin's trans jack to get it back in. It has fell one twice already and done getting hurt. Hopefully I can get it back on tonight and the oil lines are ok. Won't have much time after tonight to work on it again.
After having the trans fall on me 5 times and the last time on my stomach making sick and throw up I'm calling it for tonight. I may have some time tomorrow to work on it then I have to take kevin's trans jack back to him. This thing is being more of a pain than eve before. Ooh time to go throw up again.
man, if I had my truck i would have run out to assist and lend a hand Tongue
If you have a grounding issue you can get voltage where you should not and more than you need. Clean your ground wires bat to engine, engine to chassie etc....
Will do that. Didn't get time to mess with it earlier and now I'm on call. May get the trans back in tomorrow.
I could use a little help if someone has time later. I have the trans almost in. I'm just having trouble trying to get it lined up. Give me a call if you can come by. Probably not till this evening or tonight unless you see this now, 200pm. And can come by.

Mel. 347- nine eight 8 seven.
I can stop by this evening....
if u dont get it tonight i can stop by in the morning ..
Mark I'll give you a call a little later. Tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do so I have to do it tonight or won't have time for a while again.
Trans is back in almost. It just took me being a little more rested and some hillbilly ingenuity and I got it in. Just need to bolt the exhaust back up, the cross member, and the drive shafts. Well I need a new rear joint first.
im free this morning if you still need a hand mel .

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