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XJ work
[INDENT]So it has come to the timing on the distributor is off or it has jumped time some how. I got a little time earlier to mess with it. At TDC the rotor should be at the 5 o'clock position looking at it from the pass side. That will put the rotor at #1. If the marks are off you can rotate the distributor housing to line up the mark for #1 and the rotor. Well my rotor isn't at the 5 o'clock position more like 7 o'clock.

The slight mark to the right is where #1 is.
[Image: d1c11d1c-09b1-ec72.jpg]

For reference this is how it is supposed to look.
[Image: d1c11d1c-0a1d-a357.jpg] [/INDENT]
This is how it looks now

[Image: d1c11d1c-1172-07a0.jpg]

It seems a little better but more like 4 o'clock. I think the oil pump is what is messing me up. I need to get the priming tool so I can turn it so I can line them up.

On a side not I may have broken my hand today while working on this. I sure hope not.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]had a thought. I have one of my old distributors torn apart. Wonder if I can just use the shaft of it to rotate the oil pump and line it up right. Off I go to check. I have to go get a new valve cover gasket and u-joints sometime today so if this doesn't work I'll look for one in town later.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]So if I ever need to prime the oil pump I can chuck the old dist shaft up on a drill and use that. For this purpose I needed to move the oil pump in very small incriments so this wouldn't work. I was able to use a long flat head screw driver and turn the oil pump the 2mm it needed turned. Everything is lined up right now. I need to go get the gasket and stuff before I can try to fire it up again. If this doesn't work then it points to the timing being off as in the chain jumped or a gear broke. Which means I have to pull the radiator, fan, a few accessories then the front cover to check it. Fingers crossed.
And it has set since my last post. I just haven't had the time. Might try to get out there and pull the front cover to check the timing gears today. Plan is to probably pull it outside as it is taking up valuable space in the garage. I'm hoping there isn't water still somewhere in the block to crack it. If there is oh well. It just can't sit in the garage anymore. I may see if marty can find me another one for another motor swap. I'm still trying to piece the parts together for the storker build but this is a slow process right now.

It may be a while before you guys see me out again. I'm going to source a new DS for Tired Iron and can go on some trails with that.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]Well as soon as I can find a puller to pull the pulley I'm going to try to pull the timing cover. Regardless of how things go this is going outside this weekend. I'm borrowing a vacuum extractor to try to fill the motor with coolant so it will be a little safer sitting outside. I'll be headed to town in a bit to pick that up. and get some blocks or something to sit the jeep on. Three tires keep going flat. I think they just need the beads cleaned out.
Picked the airlift today. Going out in a bit to suck all the water out and create a vacuum to put coolant in. Then I'll try to get it out of the way tonight or in the morning. Got some other vehicles to rearrange so this is out of the way but still accessible.
Well I figure I have a leak somewhere in the cooling system. It wont hold the vacuum. Guess it just gets shoved out and hope for the best.
Anybody got an xj radiator laying around? My leak is at the neck of mine. If I got another one soon I could swap it and fill the jeep will coolant. But I have to return this tool soon.
i only have the closed system form the 88.
Well if I get time today I'm just going to JB weld the small crack and see it that will work to get coolant in it. I'll get another radiator later.
Finally got time to touch this again. Unfortunately I spent the morning and a chunk of the afternoon just getting ot he point of pulling the timing cover. Between having to move a motor, air up tires to roll the jeep back some, shovel snow off the jeep and more I didn't get much done at all. the timing cover is off along with a bunch of extra stuff due to one missed bolt and now the cover is also broke. The timing marks seem off but I think I'm at #1 TDC on the eshaust stroke and not the compression stroke. Seeing as how I'm working outside and it got dark and the lights I have just aren't enough this is on hold till tomorrow. After church I'll be back at and hope to have it buttoned up whether there is a problem or not. Oh and I broke the rotor button so I have to get a new one.

A piece of advice. The Chrysler hamronic balance puller for chrysler motors does not work on the Jeep. That will have to be returned tomorrow. And the bolts with a normal harmonic puller like the one Donald has are too big. You need 5/16" X 2" bolts.
Well it lives. A little sick but it lives. Thanks to some friends coming over tonight it was diagnosed. Timing was put close. The culprit was a bad fuel pump the whole time. It worked but not good enough. Was only getting 20psi jumping the pump. Did some more looking around and confirmed it was bad. It was only using 1.6 amps when it should have been around 6 amps or so. Replaced it with another one I had and now it runs. I have to put all the accessories on and then fine tune to cam sync.
Good stuff, Mel.
Sweet mel, now we can run fairbanks creek for clean up day! :p

Rethinking this we should still go to Standard Creek, Your rig hates FBKs Creek!
Go wherever. It's not a definate that I'll be able to drive. I still have quite a bit of work to do.
Only one major task left. Get the harmonic balancer on. Using the factory bolt is going to sestet the threads on the crank, which may have already been done slightly. I can't get anything on it to whack it without removing the bumper and winch. That is a big task in itself. So
I'm going to see if I can find an installer when I get off work tomorrow. Then after my daughter girl scout ceremony I'll be making a last ditch effort to get it ready for saturday.
I don't want to start a new thread so I'll use this one

Looks like I won't be swapping my heads. The other one I had is in way worse shape than a remembered. It would need torn down and cleaned and checked. So I guess I'm gonna try to change the valve seals. This will be done with the head off. I already unbolted it so I need to pull it now. I may be able to fix an exhaust leak too now. So now to find a valve spring compressor and get the new valve seals. I'm gonna clean the head best I can and hope it works out.

Transmission is pouring fluid out as the XJ sits lopsided in the garage. Where the lines go in it just int seating right. I may see how much a high pressure soft line will cost. If I could find an AX-15 cheap and some othe parts if go that route.

I have to replace ujoints and axle seals too.

Hoping to get a fan shroud as well. This is all my reminder list.

Just have to get this done before M&G week. Normally wouldn't be a problem but with limited funds and now very limited time it will probably be getting finished last minute.
Got the head off with some struggles. Unfortunately it did a number in my back so I'm done for now. Definite oil in the cylinders. Not too sure if it's the valve seals or rings. But it's off so I'll replace them. Cleaned up the cracks in the exhaust and will weld them up.

.jpg   ImageUploadedByTapatalk1369892695.024361.jpg (Size: 177.46 KB / Downloads: 4)

No. 1

.jpg   ImageUploadedByTapatalk1369892714.464464.jpg (Size: 184.81 KB / Downloads: 7)
Probably the valve guides. If the rings were bad you would have blue smoke all the time and not just when its at a off camber angle.
I have access to a valve spring compressor. If u want I will be at the hobby shop all week.
When everything is going right something has to go wrong. I have all the valves and springs reinstalled. Need to clean up the exhaust some, maybe. Drain the oil, install the head, intake and exhaust along with connections and that part will be done. But my torque wrench exploded. It's a husky and not fighting to try a warranty. Anyone have one I could borrow a couple days? And Gina cleaned my truck out and the tub of anti sieze is now gone so I have to buy some more. I knew things were going to smooth.
As for the valve guides they dont stop oil from count through. That's the valve seals job. Also the 4.0 doesn't have valve guides. The valve passage is bored to match the valves. If that bore ever gets messed up then a machine shop can bore it out and press in a brass sleeve.
I have a torque wrench that you can borrow if it will work for you. I can drop it off at the MSTC tomorrow afternoon or you can swing by Kamish in the morning and pick it up.
I got one in my DD truck at the moment. In town
Thanks guys. Being hooked up, even some anti sieze. Hopefully I can get most of the work done if not all of it tomorrow.

Edit: what I meant was Ron and Pete thanks. Someone already hooked me up.
This last few days have been crap. Everyday something has happened or I've needed something to do a job and couldn get it. Well today I finally got the head on with bolts started. Then I cut my leg open enough to warrant stitches. So now I have a head needing torqued, all the other stuff installed and a ujoint replaced. But wait the stub shaft ears are bent so I can't put a u joint in it. Nice.

Anyone have a stubs shaft from a D30 1998 or newer. Has to be the bigger ujoint.
I only had the older axle 1988 and 1996, but I gave my extra axle to kevin.
I have a couple axles but all of them are the older ones with the smaller ujoint.

But as of right now I'm done with the jeep. No it's not together or anywhere near it. I'm just done. I'm wore out, injured and nothing has gone right yet. I now have a push rod stuck down in the head. I haven't even touch half the stuff needing done. So maybe after a day or two of not working on it I'll get back at it.

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