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I need a trailer Saturday
Okay, most of you know that I'm getting a couple of first gen toyotas to have and hold till I put together a build at a later date. I need to go and drag them out of the yard that they are currently located in and haul them to my property. I also need to haul a truck for my brother, and we were hoping to combine the two events into one. I've looked into renting a trailer to make all of this happen, but I was wondering if anyone here had a trailer that they wouldn't mind me using this Saturday for the day. Then I could save the rental fee for my XJ build. :lol:
If I get mine down loaded in time, do you have the 6 pin plug?
I have a 6 pin on my truck, but I think we're going to pull it with my brothers truck. I'm pretty sure his is a 6 pin too.
cleaning off the trailer really depends on when my wife gets back into town. It might not happen until sunday afternoon.
If I can get my parts rig taken away you can borrow mine.
Call me if the other two don't work out. five9zero 3seven0four
Don and Mel, Do you guys just need a hand to get your trailers freed up? If so my brother and I could come and help out for sure. We could probably come out friday night and help clear up one, or both if you guys need help.
I needed to get a frame to shane, I probably won't have time until sunday, but you can come buy and we will just take the frame off and put it on the ground until you bring it back.
Mine won't get cleared till Saturday. I have a few more things to take off the jeep and I'm on call tomorrow so I won't get to it fill Saturday.
Don, can I come buy and get the trailer tomorrow night? If not then thats cool, but I might need to get a jump on my weekend. I really appreciate the help.
Tomorrow night should be fine.

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