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flex or not to flex
Question and Opinions-
I first thought that I would like to get more flex out of my 87 k5 blazer. Wayne brought to my attention that with a springy suspension comes axle wrap. I would like to have some stiffness but flex. I know I cant have the best of both worlds on my budget, but I was thinking about a moderate/stiff rear and flexy front. I am not sure on the recommended parts needed to do this.

My first thought was to keep my 8 spring lift in the rear, and do a 56" or 63" spring conversion (a longer leaf) spring)/ leaf spring shackle drop in the front .
What are your guy's thoughts on a flexy front and stiff rear? or better suggestions?
petey if you stay with soft springs you could also make a good track bar with rubber bushings on axle end and a heim on the frame side ..

all u need is some chevy or jeep spring bushings and schedule 40 make a small bracket on the axle and frame
I'd go with what Wayne said. Just go flexy like you want, and then take measure to prevent axle wrap. Lots and lots of people have done this over and over again so you should be able to get the info you need to do it successfully.
Lower it and go for flex front and rear with traction bar.
This is one of those loaded questions. What do you like? My xj flexes alot and I like it bit has almost gotten menin trouble though a few times. Kevs blazer seemed set up right for full size rigs. It flex decent but wasn't spongy like mine. With the main type of wheeling we do up here a super flex rig isn't necessary. Lift a tire now and then isn't bad.

So what do you like? It is your rig.
my buggy is super flexy up front and pretty stiff in the rear , i like this set up , i can still get on it and not have any axle wrap at 5500 rpm at take off with the 39.5 inch tsl and it keeps me from having crazy body roll .

and i can still carry a good load when i go camping /hunting .

everything has its negatives just need to find your happy medium ..
Flex FTW...
I am just anxious to see what if any flex I get with my setup.
why dont u buy some tubing and stuff and make some four link for it. i got a friend that took a 70s datsan pick and put the front half off a chevy then stuffed a efi 350 and one tons under it made 4 link bars and coil overs it looks sharp and wasnt to bad on price he said..
I dont know what I prefer because I am pretty new at this suspension game. I am coming from the mentality of "buy height of the lift you want and bolt up" kinda mindset.
I just started to explore the idea of more flex when I saw how stiff my blazer was on the ramp. I think lifting a tire is kind of fun once in a while, but after the last run at 55 mile I definitely want more flex after crawling up that waterfall area. I do own a full sized rig and I wont hesitate to follow the XJ's or even Samurias down a narrow spot. I just dont like the pucker factor when I have to back out. Its fun to watch a full size rig squeeze through anyway am i right?

the semi stiff rear and the flexy front setup sound attractive.
Also I would like compare to the ramp scores Mel and Cortnie are able to achieve one day. As for now I still want some stability on the trail and some firmness in the rear when I go play i the mud. From what you guys said, I am thinking I will go ahead with a flexy front and stiff rear. This means a shackle drop and longer springs in the front. After some testing I will see how it handles[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]The rear is pretty stiff already. (8 inches of arched spring-52 inches I believe)
Shackle flip the rear, install 63's in the rear and 52's up front. Then trim fenders to clear tires!
I put the 4" up front and did a shackle flip and the long ones in the rear. It looks good, but we'll see. I'm mostly nervous about the front, if it's too stiff, I'll go with 52's and be done with it. We'll just see though.

And of course I need to finish it up so I can test it out.
im thinking 56 " springs all the way around. if not 63 " springs in the rear.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]ill have to get the front driveline lengthened anyway right?
for a traction bar set up-
A standard traction bar link to the axle first came to mind, but would a 4 link work the same?[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]What I am referring to is the axle mounts being centered on the top of the differential case or out toward the wheels more.

Im still leaning towards the traditional traction bar set up (mounts close to the wheel) as opposed to a 4 link set up. The goal is to prevent wheel hop, but allow for maximum articulation.
If you want max articulation go with the 4 link and it should eliminate the wheel hope. To make things simple I would go with springs to get her on the trail and save the 4 link for next winter project lol
It wlll have nearly flat springs (63") in the rear. This summer

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