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welded torque converter?

I came across a craigslist ad that said the torque converter was welded. I have never heard of this. Is it common the torque converter was welded to the flexplate/flywheel? i think that is what it is called..

so in case the ad gets deleted this is what was written:
"2006 Dodge 2500 Cummins Diesel for sale. 4" exhaust unrestricted, welded tourque converter and valve body shift kit. New BFG Rugged Trail Tires, new shocks new brakes. It has happy jack camper tie downs, tow package with brake contoler, Also has S&W turnover hide a ball gooseneck hitch in the bed. this is a great truck for hauling. Truck gets 18 mpg with a heavy load and 26.1 mpg when not hauling. Try to find a 3/4 ton truck that has the pulling power and mpgs as this one. If intrested give me a call"
Probably means a welded tc instead of a billet machined one.

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