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TJ build phase ____x.
Today the steel arrived in the form of tube fenders, corner armour. :p

The next phase of the build is fast upcoming.
I was going to put some pic's up but my quota is <100kb, and that is too small to see. I think my priv's have changed.

anyway, they look cool.

I think this will link to my gallery.

well, this doesn't work either.
Awesome, did you get Rokmen armor?
I checked and your quota is unlimited. I don't know why you are getting that message. And why does everyone seem to think that if they run into a glitch that we changed their permissions. This is getting old.
akram Wrote:....we changed their permissions. This is getting old.
It seems if the message is coming up something reverted to non-member allotment..I'm not picturing you on at 3 am changing things Smile

steel came from TnT Customs ( WY because they have good bolt on stuff and a friend was supposed to drive up (hence free shipping), but that fell through, so I had it all shipped via Span. Came up really fast.
Got everything stripped off the TJ today, then popped on the front fenders to start the test fit. Next couple of days I should get the front pretty well set, and hang the rear corners/fenders. 7 hours so far into this little upgrade.

I'll get up some pictures when I can attach or put them in the gallery again.
all 4 fenders on, working on swing out tire carrier!

Still no pictures!
this sounds cool...I thought you only worked on people..
[Image: tube_fenders_006.jpg]
huf Wrote:this sounds cool...I thought you only worked on people..

I am reminded every day why I work on people, not trucks...but what do you do? Smile
Trucks don't talk back, well at least not until you hit that delerious state.
I like the tube look, I want to do it to my XJ.


I still can't post right, but these are in my gallery

Attached Files
.jpg   tube_fenders_008_thumb.jpg (Size: 6.72 KB / Downloads: 204)
.jpg   tube_fenders_thumb.jpg (Size: 8.37 KB / Downloads: 206)
It looks as good as I thought it would..

good work Doc..
The new swing out tire carrier is on and really really really smooth.
Now I've got to sell off the Warn tire carrier/bumper and get a new rear with a receiver hitch and maybe some shackle points.
I have no issues with the lift and tubes to clear 37s, but I'm going to work around 35s now and am planning out the front/rear 44s with e-lockers for sometime this winter.
how much they cost ya im thinking about do it to mine... do u still have the old fenders? u wanna sell? lol i need some kind of fender
Today I got the throttle body spacer and new air intake on and fitted to the inner fenders. Moved the grill forward to look better with the front fenders.

getting much closer to tear down and paint!
underhood components in, with having to move some things around and still in need of a home for the washer reservoir.
need to adjust the front fenders some more, remove and drill a couple of holes.
started tear down of the tire carrier and rear corners (oh, and popped in the LEDs to make sure they fit)
Got down to fine tuning the front tube fenders. the front attachment didn't fit with the correct curve, even after adjusting down the grill support. We had to cut the welds to remove the plate.
[Image: imag0055.jpg]

Once that was off, we had to do some work to design a new tab that will house turn and marker lights.
[Image: imag0057.jpg]

We are going to add an 80-ish degree bend to house the front side marker light.

[Image: imag0058.jpg][url=][/url]

Once the new tab is made and installed, I can complete the teardown and prep for paint....
Just guessing, but another couple weeks.
You don't need that piece. Looks fine without it.....
Jeep runs with the throttle body spacer, but is a little rough...not sure if I got everything hooked back up correctly.

On the trailer in the AM for some welding/grinding to finish the assembly part, then this next week the prep for prime and paint.
Got the new gussets on both front corners. Added structural support for the leading edge of the fender and will have one front and one side running light and on turn light.

[Image: new_gusset.jpg]

[Image: new_gusset_front.jpg]full LEDS.
Tore everything apart and now had to sand/prep for primer...within 2 weeks for paint I figure.
sanded off the metal coating, rust and cleaned up welds.
My bro filled the imperfections and grinder marks with a thin layer of bondo
now we should be able to etch prime in the morning....paint this week.

Maybe Kevin can get me some divine intervention and I can reassemble next weekend!
[Image: rear_prep.jpg]

[Image: front_prep.jpg]
Near done. Front LED lights are the wimp, non-bright kind,so I need the "pc" grade, pop in white LED reverse lights and very nearly done with this phase. I'll post a pic when time allows.
[Image: tj_near_complete_001.jpg]
Seen it tonight and it looks good except for the weak amber LED lights.

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