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TJ build phase ____x.
What ever came of the wheels? I hadn't heard of Stazworks until this thread but they have some nice designs. A little pricey though. Just curious since I'll be in the market for some new tires and wheels next year.
Stazworks didn't seem much interested, and I got too lazy to bother.
i just run them with some wobble. Still easily keeps up with everyone else...and rolls at 75, so I'm just staying as is. Plus, the cold roll ring on the stazworks wheels makes them really tuff. Probably don't need dual bead locks...but they are cool and less work to properly maintain than traditional bead locks.

i would consider Hutchinson bead locks, but they didn't have what I wanted at the time. I can always change my bolt pattern and get the 17" JK ones in black down the road.

If I had to recommend a wheel for a dual purpose rig, I'd go Hutchinson...if you are building an offroad monster, Stazworks is for you. Keep in mind Stazworks wheels are heavy!
Hutchinson's are what I really want on my JK. I haven't gotten too serious about them yet but would like to get them with my next set of tires.
Figuring out chains....Need a better way of tensioning them...does the tensioner go inside or outside the wheel?
Out side. Do you have rubber bans for the outside too? Sometimes you got to drive a but and then re-tighten as needed.
So I got them figured out. I'm using the 6-armed rubber tensioners.

Ran down to our local "moose pit"...a gravel bit full of willows, so noone plays in it.

[Image: 001_171542.jpg]

rolling into the pit and cruising around

[Image: 004_85718.jpg]

[Image: 011_166593.jpg]

Coming back out

[Image: 019_173860.jpg]

[Image: 027_601390.jpg]

Getting back through the snow berm was a little harder than going in.

[Image: 022_131313.jpg]

My wife came down and took pics for me....
Chains worked really good digging through the deep, untouched powder.

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.jpg   001_171542.jpg (Size: 262.98 KB / Downloads: 7)
wen we went wheeling out on the old nenana highway it seemed that everyone did alright getting around in that powder. Was the powder any different there?
chains would work great for climbing those hills out there Big Grin
No different
6 inches deeper and some warm weather crusting....just needing to test out the new chains.

Way less throttle to move through the powder for sure. Could use deeper snow!
good to know Smile
Where did you get the bands? I need some for my rig.
Jackovich has all thing ls related to chains. To include the tools for repairing then. There is another guy out f Anch. That was selling chains up here but I can't find his info now. He was at the fair last year.
I have a chain repair tool if some one needs it.
Yeah...bands at Jackovich..

Im going to carry bungee cords for back up
Replaced 2 bushings that were pretty trashed.
Cleaned and tightened a Rubicon Express joint.


Installed the Cobra remote mount CB


Ready for summer!

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Going through the jeep today....looked to be squatting in the rear....
looks like the coil springs can't handle the added armor weight and my wheeling...these are my original Teraflex crap I lifted her with in 03.
Ran the ACOS to the max ride height for now.
ordered new RE coils..rear 225 and front 240 spring rates...will be more stiff for sure...but with hope will balance my "up-armored" weight.
Rear bumper frame tie-in done thanks to Ole's cutting and bending.

Inside a ProRock 60

Now my thoughts turn to a simple cowl snorkle to allow me to drop in to water holes like we did last fall on Stampede and last week on the Repp Swamp Run.

I didn't realize these are commercially available....

Anyone know of an H1 cowl intake in town? Or is there something similar?

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C.A. Has one over at his place

this really is all there is too it...

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Got springs on and all ready to roll.

First step was to turn the RE springs black....way too shiny in factory form.

Springs were EXACTLY the same heights (front vs front, rear vs rear)

Ride height about 1.5 inches higher so I dialed down the ACOS spacers. Added 3/4 of an inch to my bump stops.
Next phase will be longer travel shocks. My OME ones hold up droop by over 2 inches. Need over 25" lenght extended on the front. That will mean limiting straps and needing to lengthen the drivers front brake line.

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.jpg   Turning black.jpg (Size: 269.13 KB / Downloads: 3)
.jpg   Tera v rubicon.jpg (Size: 192.16 KB / Downloads: 3)
Check out these filters.
Those are super cool.
To move 12 m3/min = 400 cfm their filter need to be 10" in diameter.
That big and I would have to attach directly to the hood....which is doable. The cowl panel ones can be only 7.3 inches or less to be able to fully open the hood.
[Image: 9e7u4eza.jpg]
Ur trying to do this correct? I tried to goggle the name on it but no luck yet.
Yeah..that is the link above.
Most kits use an H1 cap....I started looking for more of a prefilter.

May be back to the H1 cap as that must move more than 400 cfm.

I may still get lazy and order the River Raider kit...but I have to do another airbox too.

Looked up the H1: 380-420 CFM
Doc I may be able to help you out. I'll let you know tomorrow.
I have an H1 cap and tube. There aren't filters in these. Are you planning on running a cannister with filter under the hood. Let me know if you want it

[Image: ty5yzahu.jpg]

[Image: ararute9.jpg]

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