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TJ build phase ____x.
Could have a Christmas theme going on if he color coordinated it!
Big Grin
Nice! you got enough room for me to park a zuk on those frenders!
Pretty much what I have in mind for our jeeps once I get the pipe bender finished and about 100 other projectsSmile Looks Great!
looks nice Doc....
boshos Wrote:Pretty much what I have in mind for our jeeps...

I don't think there is enough tubing in the world for me to try getting the angles right.

Anyway, new front LEDs on order to brighten her up....oh, and the red stripe on the tires was for the garage alignment
hand throttle on and works pretty cool...needs a little fine tuning.

Pitbull rocker radials on order, but won't be on til spring anyway as other components need to grow first.
Not going to mount em up and pics to give an idea what it will look like?
I am working on beadlocks right now...once that is ironed out, I can mount them, but 3.73 gears won't like them.

Tires are 2-3 weeks out.....wheels may be 1-2 months.
35x12.50x17 Rockers are here. Just over 35" standing still.

[Image: pitbullvmtr_thumb.jpg]
Look good compared to the old MTRs, and will actually have less rubber on the road at any given time, so I think they will be less slick than the MTRs

[Image: pitbullvmtr2_thumb.jpg]

really have some gnarly lugs!

[Image: manlugs_thumb.jpg](had to upload to gallery as I couldn't directly attach)
If they made those in a 31" i would go for them.
There's a set of 39's down in Anchorage I wish I had the money for.

Your Jeep should do great on those, don't know if they'll be good on ice or not though.
i loved my 39s on the ice.
Pics in my gallery for the assembly of the Stazworks 17 x 9 dual beadlocks with mounting of the 35 inch Pitbull rocker radials.

now the heavy bastards get to sit until axles get here early July.

[Image: 007_608835_thumb.jpg][COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR][Image: 011_37432_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 005_94208_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 003_522947_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 002_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 001_798893_thumb.jpg][COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]I like it. Hope they hold air longer than my beadlocks do! If they work fairly well I will probably get a set for my dodge in the far future.
are these road legal ?
Long answer....they run them on crash/rescue trucks in the states.
So I could not just let the wheels sit doing nothing. I strapped the poor dana 30 and 35 to the 35 x 12.5 x 17 inchers and took them out for a spin.

[Image: 015_761663.jpg]

Amazing that 8oz of dynabeads per wheel and there is no shimmy @ the 'speed limit.'
These tires are actually a couple orders of magnitude more QUIET than my Goodyear MTRs....figure that one out.
The ride is great @ 24 pounds. I figured for load range E it would be bad. I'll be able to fine tune the air pressure and wait for the lockers to arrive.

Looks kinda like a tractor....
I'd love those in a 40" tire....Someday.

I heard about the axles....Those will be SCHWEEET!
So despite having over taxed axles, my girls & I headed into our local gravelpit to test the Rockers.

They climbed a short near vertical rocky climb like a monkey. Previous attempts with my MTRs resulted in a lot of throttle & spinning tires.

I either have to take the Rockers off or get my axles!
Man, you are building a monster. I strongly approve!!!
So after not posting build stuff......

I have not been able to get my pitbulls & stazworks beadlocks to settle down over 30 mph. Finally pulled a wheel apart, removed Dynabeads, & took over to Alyeska tire, & they threw it on a balancer for me.

We could see (especially) the inner half of the wheel moving....i.e. not round. Machine wanted 22+ oz in one spot, & 14+ oz within 60 degrees, on the same side. I'm going to tear down the wheels & have the remaining 4 checked as soon as I can.

I have an email out to john @ stazworks.
Just wondering, are the inners paired to an outer? Could you have mixed and matched any "pairs"? Interested in what you find out and what kind of service you get because I was thinking about the stazworks wheels as well.
The pairs aren't matched.
John thinks they may be shifted, but there are no alignment if they are off, I can't see how it would lead to that that much weight....they should only differ by less than 2 mm as you really can just feel the difference.
Custom-built ebrake cables from Control Cables installed on the jeep...mates the Ford brakes with the Jeep perfectly....would hold a train....if I weighed a couple hundred tons...but you get the point.
Did you ever solve the inner wheel problem on the stazworks? About to purchase some but if your having problems I may look at another brand.
I haven't had the time to tear the wheel down to confirm the issue. For an offroad-only application these are kick +++. Me problem is wobble on the road.....I like the wheels so much, I've put up with it. No air loss all winter in 2 piece wheel.

If you do go that way, make sure you have the diameter of the wheel mounting surface. Mine was too big for JK axles...but that was a measure he never asked for & I didn't anticipate....had to customize.
Got the Rubicon Express stainless steel, braided air lines on Thursday.
Put them on Saturday...

Lines are thicker and much more protected than teflon or plastic lines.
[Image: 136_997497.jpg]

Front bulkhead does stick up a more than I'd like considering this is the area that is going to lead the charge into snow drifts.....

[Image: 138_896025.jpg]

The rear is out of the way, however I would have been really worried it I had not set my rear bump stops with the coils out. Unlike the ARB style, this could pinch if over-stuffed.

[Image: 142.jpg]

Ready for Solstice run....if the weather is not super cold. I'd like a whopping 12 runs this year.

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