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STARTER STORY TIME! the over tightening lesson
Story TIME!! YAY!!!
(scroll down all the way if you do not want a story)

My mom has been having some starter problems lately. The starter would not make a connection at the positives on the starter. I diagnosed this earlier today when all it took to get it started was for me to wiggle the wires on the starter and the truck fired right up. I could not tighten up the starter when I wiggled it the first time because I did not have any tools with me.

So later on in the evening, my mom called me up when I was out at her place working on getting my motor in the blazer ready to pull. She was still in town and the truck had done the same thing. There was no connection to the starter at Sams gas station. I drove in and brought some tools with me to help out my mummy.

After disconnecting the battery terminals I tightened the starter positive nuts. They felt kinda loose so I made sure they were good and snug. Well, the starter cranked, and cranked. .. and cranked and cranked even after the engine fired and ran. Turning the key to the "off" position did not shut off the cranking starter!!!!
Watching me frantically trying to get 2 batteries' (its a duramax) positive screws disconnected in a tight space and stripped hex heads on the battery screws must have been amusing to watch. I did not think so. I thought I fried the starter! but as the batteries almost wound out I got the 2nd disconnected.
I then loosened and re-snugged the starter bolts. The starter worked and the truck fired right up. the solenoid disengaged and my mom got to drive home at a not too late of an hour.

The lesson for today is that starters do not like it when you over tighten them!

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