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i need a lil help or just opions
im replacing the rear diff and rear leaf springs in my burban due to a massive sag and mixmatch gears. we pulled the rear end out and set it aside, i got one leaf changed, and the other one the bolt wont come out the bishing i need help getting it out so i can change it.. i used a propane torch and melted the bushing out i beat on it for 4 hours pryed on it and i cant get the stupid thing out and its really getting on my nerves. i dont have a torch to cut it off.. any ideas or can someone give me a hand to get it out??
let the bushing burn out on both ends then chip it out should fall out then .
i too once had this problem and the bolt came out like a rocket when it finally gave. Turns out that the mix of rust, dirt, and weight of the spring and/or the weight of the axle (if still connected) is PLENTY enough weight to hold enough friction on the eyelet/bushing and bolt. I suggest getting a fairly large punch, a maul (mini hand sledge hammer), and putting a floor jack underneath the spring (in the middle) experiment with different pressure on the springs given by the jack.

Lemme know if this works Smile
I used penetrating oil and a punch and it didn't work. Next I tried my hydraulic press and it didn't work. I ended up taking the spring pack apart; I would turn the smallest spring back and forth until it would come off, then tried a hammer and a punch. Nothing moved so I removed the next spring and repeated the process. I had to remove three springs like this before the center bolt came out.
im tryign to get the bolt out the rear shakle thing the spring sits it.. i got my gas tank there i cant get behind it to hit it. i tried melting the bushing out it has a lil left in it but not much. the rear end is out and the spring is just hanging on the back perch has only a lil weight on it. i got the air hammer going i got all kinds of things and it wont budge at all.
which direction does the bolt need to go?
in to the frame or out?

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[/COLOR]oh and a list of casalties is. my thumb got smashed, my eye got a piece of burning rubber in it, and a sore sholder loll... and still more to come............
Im thinking you might need to drop the tank to make room for swinging. and maybe a bigger hammer. Tongue
cant touch this! hammer time!
yea i dont think im going to do that.. thats to much work i called my friend about 20 ago and he is going to bring his service truck over and he is going to cut the bolt with the torch...
Did you guys get it?
Yep - torch needed!

Either that or with the bushing burned/melted back a bit you can sometimes get a sawzall in there between the hangar and the leaf to cut the bolt - needs to be done on both sides.
i tried the sawzall and it didnt even cut into the bolt and im useing the torch blades.. this sucks ive never had a bolt that bad.
that bolt is hardened steel . you wont be able to cut it unless you get a high quality blade.
4 1/2" grinder with 1/16th cut off wheel.
i got it thanks yall.. my friend showed up with a cutting torch and had it off in like 3 seconds alot easyier then beating it for 3 hours lol..
I'm glad you got it. I was starting to think that you were just going to burn that thing to the ground.
For sawsall blades get the pipe cut blades at one of the box stores. They are made for cut high grade steel.
a grinder and a cutoff wheel are the only way to go IMO
RedneckYankee Wrote:a grinder and a cutoff wheel are the only way to go IMO
I concur! I would have mentioned that but he didnt say anything about having a grinder Tongue
Sorry, I thought you were talking about a center pin on the spring pack. Glad you got the spring out.
thanks yall. have u ever used the saw blades named torch they are great milwalki makes them the only place i found to sell them is home depot. im almost to the point of burning it anyway this thing nickel and dimes me to death. its all good bulldog i have had issues with that pin in the middle b4.. i had a grinder but no cutting wheel i only had a grinding wheel in witch i tried lol... but yea thanks yall[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]oh yeah to add to this now i have to put it all back under it with the new rearend and the leafs yay
I am glad to hear you got the bolts out. What I do is a week long pre soak of penatrarating lube. Seams to work for me.
yea i soaked them for a bit but seemed like it was just way rused in there. its all back together now and everything works great. now i just have to weld my front bumper on and find a grill and she be tip top
PB blaster is aswome for this .. ive had stuff i couldnt break free with all my weight behind it ..soak it with pb blaster let it sit for a few hrs and it would be almost finger loose ..

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