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operation k5 buggy build
I am going to be welding up the exhaust this weekend, hopefully i can use my blazer tank and see if its dimensions will work with my: exhaust, rear axle, rear driveline, rear winch mount, future shock placements, and rear traction bar
Should have a better idea if the blazer tank will work
If not, I have a couple of saddle tanks you are welcome to have. Smile
Ill keep that in mind mark. I will only be able to use them if there is an aftermarket mpfi pump (multi port fuel injected, for those wondering what that stands for) for the saddle tanks.
If you already have a EFI tank you can just switch the pump out for a higher PSI / volume pump that your new MPFI requires. Plenty of after market support. I would not use a non EFI tank if possible, most EFI tanks have baffles and a low spot for the pick up so your pump doesn't starve on a hill, stopping and such. Just my .02
Cool! Thanks for the heads up. I would prefer to use the blazer efi tank just because its dimensions will likely have the best chance at fitting in my frame w/o hitting stuff
I still have a 42 in a Suburban at my house for the moment as well.

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