Poll: What kind of wheels are better?
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9 75.00%
2 16.67%
Other Alloys
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Wooden wagon wheels
1 8.33%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Homepage Poll: What kind of wheels?
Vote and explain why.
steelies they keep a better bead in the cold and u can bang out a bend in the rim to get u back home . ive chipped many aluminum rim .
Steal, They are cheap, repairable and they are the ones that came on the truck anyways.
Aluminum, Lighter, faster, stronger.
Steel, cheap, easy to repair, cheap!
i voted aluminum. because that is what I ended up with! kidding!

I like the aluminum because they are light, and yes i am aware they are less durable than steel in a hard impact situation. Aluminum wheels mounted monster tires are much lighter than steel as well. I am not wheeling "high impact" so maybe it comes down to the type of wheeling. ( I like trail riding and gooey mud- low impact)

however, there are somethings you can do to prevent rock rash like keeping your wheels skinny on a fat tire. this makes the tire bubble out, protect the wheel and its valve stem. (I also choose to run short stubby stems to stay away from snags)

and for those situations on the trail where an impact might bend or break my wheel, Ive got a spare to get off the trail. I do not think I need keep around a bent rim (steel or aluminum) because it will be thrown away and replaced anyway.

So my consensus is to wheel what ya got, replace it if you break it. if you are picky and have a choice to choose aluminum or steel; choose steel for high impact, durability. Choose aluminum for keeping it light.
I choose steelies.
For similar reasons above. Cheaper, stronger, easier to fix if need be. also I like the looks better. I don't like the polished aluminum. I like black wheels.

Also there is the debate of in our extreme cold weather the aluminum wheels will contract leaving you with less contact area to hold the bead. I personally haven't seen this only heard of it. I've wheeled with folks that have aluminum rims up here and they never had the issue but I hear some have.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]Although see someone wit wooden wagon wheels would be cool.
I voted steelies too. Mostly just because I want a set of 16x8 steelies for my FJ.
steel for the repairability, strength, and option of doin a weld-on bead lock kit later on down the road if need be. aluminum wheels just arent good off road, ive dented and cracked a few rock crawling. steelies FTW
my tacoma stock rims shrink in the cold and i loose alot of beads wheeling in the cold . justin had the same issues on his tacoma aluminum rims as well . when i was running boggers on these rims i could not keep a bead at any pressure in the cold wheeling up front .

the one rim other than steel i do like wheeling is my magnesium rims where they are stronger in the cold and a huge safety bead wich makes it hard to pop a bead in the cold ,but do suffer from chips from rocks like aluminum rims . these are the little red rims i used to use on my buggy .
steel as above....that is until I get the rockmoster beadlocks, then I'll change to Al

i like the steels cause they are stronger and the lugnut holes dont woller out like the alums i had did.
Steel for the same reason mention above.

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