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Classic FSJ
Fixing up a FSJ for my son. Its a 76 J20 w/ a 72J4000 body. I am using the 360 and the dana 20 transfer case out of the older truck and going to use the Turbo 400 out of the newer one. Today I tore apart the engine expecting to see a very used and worn engine. Instead I found its has been recently rebuilt, little wear on the came, so build up on of sludge to be found, and no visible wear on the cylinder walls. I did find one problem on one lifter it has concave instead of being flat, I can replace just the lifter but can't tell if the cam is worn funning because of this one lifter. I will probable end up replacing both the cam and the lifter to play it save.

Has anyone seen something like this before?

( having problems with the upload, I will post a picture tomorrow after I resize them, I don't think the server likes my wife's new camera)
I'm not sure what's going on with the pics thing. If the pics are too large they wont upload. post this issue up in the officers admin section so Arin will see it.
If the lifter gets stuck it will wear it down quickly.
It shows no unusual wear, it looks like its made that way and maybe the manufacture of the rebuilt motor put the wrong lifter in. on the rods there are four stamped #1 Rods, Three stamped #5 and one stamped #4. I am glad that I rebuild my own engines with that kind a quality that they do.
when i ordered replacement rods for the ford block i had the same thing .they even restamped the other sides with diffrent numbers . i had 5 for one side 3 for the other ..
Worked on the Boys truck, I started to clean up the engine and I put the new cam in. I got to clean up the rest of the engine so I can re-assemble later this week.

[Image: pict1840_thumb.jpg]

Here Chris put the rims on that I got from Tony to get a idea of what it could look like. There isn't much space between the fenders and those 36" tires, but at full flex (NO FLEX) I don't think she would rub if we wanted her to.

[Image: pict1841_thumb.jpg]
OK, I am Frustrated now. Wayne told me about the flaw in my plan and that the quadra trac 400 and the Dana 400 having different output shafts and they don't intermix. So, now I have to find a new transfer case. I can try and replace the original transfer-case or find a older 400 that will mate up to a Dana 20, or I can find a Jeep 727 and then buy a Dana 300 and be done with it. I like the ladder of the three options, the 727 is a great transmission and the 300 is an great transfer-case. I know where a 727 is or at-least was sitting, the only problem is to find a 300 laying around. I don't want to spend a fortune in my son's truck since it his first truck and might not last long any how.
There are a few guys down south that had some for sale. Keep checking on ak 4x4 network and check on denali offroad. I had a jeep 727 and threw it away not to long ago. Let me try to get ahold of a guy up here. He is my former boss's father in law and supposedly has a yard full of old FSJ's and more parts.
Jeremia and I went to look at a 84 grand that the guy was giving away. He didn't know much about it, but it should of had the 727. The problem with that is I haven't seen to many 300's laying around. I have also read that a dodge NP208 will bolt up to a 727, not sure what side drive that is, I need a passenger drop.
It would be a pass drop. I thought they were divorced like mine.
I was told some are and some aren't depending on year
Thanks to Jeremiah I got a new parts truck!! It has the fuel tank, transfer case, AC pump, grill, lights and other items that I can use. I am going to give the set of axles to Wayne, but first I need to check my donor rear to make sure its offset for this particular transfer case. Either way wayne is receiving one of the two sets to use for his project, then I will haul off the rest to K&K.
Finished the truck up today for the most part, I really wanted to drive it out of the garage but I couldn't. I got it all together, new engine, trans and new transfer-case. I need to work on the wiring a little and I have to order a special transfer case oil. It will take a week or so on the order for the oil as long as I do it this weekend. For now it has to go out side so I can work on something else.
What kind of oil does it take?
TC1 Quadra-Trac Transfer Case Fluid. it has a friction additive for the clutch plates in the full time 4wd case
Oh. You can't just get the additive and ND 30W and mix them? Just wondereing. good thing you don't have to change the fluid every few thousand miles. That stuff isn't the cheapest is it? The borg warners used to use it and I know it wasn't cheap for them
I foresee a Chevy TBI in her future. Found an ad on craigslist and Linda went to pick it up for me. Now all I need is to re-wire it and get a new starter for her and she should run. Driving is a whole other issue, she will still need some work, a few modifications to body mounts, check the brakes and probably service the axles. When it is all done Linda should have a good clean truck to drive around. Maybe if he is lucky enough and behaves Chris will be able to borrow the keys every once in a while.
Moved this truck so my son can work on it easier if he wants to. We will see how that goes. I got a battery for it. I have to figure out where I left off on it and see what he can do / learn. I know I have to finish the engine wire harness just to get it to run and or add the TBI unit. Chris will need to start on removing the bench seat so we can make a new floor board and replace the rubber brake hoses that are dry rotted. Maybe I will have him pull the front axle hubs apart so we can service the axle bearings and seals that has been sitting around for 10+ years without use. I also see a lot of sanding in his future.
We worked on the truck this last week when I was able too. The other day we tried to start it but it would only pop if I dumped fuel down its throat. After a little trouble shooting I figured it out and the fuel pump that looked new was bad. No problem went out and got a new one, these are allot cheaper then EFI fuel pumps. During the trouble shooting we ended up burning up the starter solenoid. Today we installed the fuel pump and replaced the starter solenoid and it fired right up. I was really relieved to here that V8 roar with open exhaust, you should of seen the smiles on all our faces as I adjusted the timing and hit the throttle. All went fine except since the wiring was in so bad of shape we had to bypass the ignition system, as the engine came to life I forgot to tell Chris to stop jumping the solenoid so we ended up burning up another solenoid. Over the next couple days we are going to hook up the brakes, hook up the alt, power steering pump, add oil as needed to the trans and transfer case, replace the solenoid again and try and drive it around the neighborhood with open exhaust. That should go over well!
I thought I heard an engine revving with little to no exhaust earlier, nice.
I great feet was done today, for the first time in over two years I re-arranged the parking lot today with this truck under its own power. I got to say its a lot easier doing it that way then pushing it with the XJ. It runs allot better now that I hooked up the vacuum advance. I still need to time it and it really needs a exhaust system hooked up.

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