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Photo Gallery
I tried to upload some photos to my gallery this evening, and it gave me a message saying that I did not have permission to access. Are prospects not allowed to post photos? Thats fine if that is the issue, but I thought that they could. Thanks in advance for the help.

yep, that's it. However you can post them to a thread... I think...
I guess I should get to work and become a member then huh?
you can upload the image file from photobucket. thats how i do it. (when there is not a photo gallery that is)
You can do what they said or there is another way. As a prospect you can upload photos to the prospect gallery. try that and see if it works for you.
Thanks for the help. I was just bored last night and started trying to add photos to my profile. I'll probably just wait until I earn my membership, and then do a build thread for the FJ.

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