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D60 dodge axle. vs ARB locker
On my dodge front diff cover the stamp says:
410 610836-2

It just so happens that my 01 dodge's D60 front axle comes stock with a 32 inner spline and 32 outer spline as I have been told. I can confirm this when I check the axle shafts later today. I replaced the passenger side axle shafts (two piece) when I eliminated the 4wd acuator for the two piece shafts.

The ARB diff locker (air) came with a 30 spline inner. . ..
I had thought that the inner axle was a 32 spline inner on the ARB before I bought it, but was unable to verify it. (DOH!) When i put the truck together it made a popping sound when turning. The 4wd WORKS when I am going straight! and no slippage. .. . So apparently the 30 spline inner carrier can accept the 32 spline shaft!!!!
It went in together pretty tight. so I was unable to catch this when I installed it. (lesson learned, look at the product info and inspect it before you buy it if possible).

so my next step is to see if ARB can sell me a gear kit to fit my shafts in. I do not wish to convert to a 30 spline. any ideas what I could do next?

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