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engine performance and builds
i might be broke from this move back home but my mind is building with all kinds of ideas and math ..and building a engine on paper dont cost a thing ..

So i went and bought 6 really good books on engine building and started taking notes ..
its really good about breaking down myths with facts and its amazing where you can pick up horsepower alot of it is really cheap .

i know some people treat engines as some type of black magic but once you get the idea thats its just a big air compressor its really easy .

i will keep you all posted on some cool ideas on how and where you can find a few more ponies from on the cheap to exotic .

these same notes and ideas will be used on my next engine build .

stay tuned ..[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]like for one you see alot of guys uncorking thier exhaust at the mud drags at the collectors thinking its going to give them more hp .. but on the dyno it shows only after 5500 rpm will u gain hp but only a few like 5 hp but till then it fell off the map ..

by just adding 15-18 inches off the collector will give you a huge gain through out the whole rpm range ..wich if you look at kevins new exhaust is just what he did .. this will help scavenge exhaust and draw in air with huge gains just this alone will give you 75 ft lbs of touque more and 56 hp just from having a extension of 15 -18 inches off the header !
and on average a set of roller rckers with 1.6 ratio can net you 6-10 hp while a set 1.7 will get you 10-15hp just by reducing the amount of friction especially over 5000 rpms !

look we just bumped a small block ford another 65 hp with just those 2 mods !
so by adding on about 2 feet of exaughst after the header you can improve the horsies? im going to be looking for a set of full length headers for my blazer's soon to be 454. roller rockers sound kinda cool Smile my goal is 500 hp. keep me informed!
Adding 1.6 or 1.7 also increases cam lift if I remeber right. For instance in my dart I have a 440 with a cam that produces 557 lift with 1.5 rockers and 612 lift with 1.6 rockers. I grew up drag racing and building dependable motors on a budget that would produce HP. I'm trying to remember how to determine the lenght of exhaust pipe after the collector. You attach a piece of exhaust pipe to the collector, you then draw a line from the collector down the pipe and wherever it stops melting is where you cut off the remainder of the pipe. I think that's how it works but I will confirm with my father-in-law. Some engines like this and some don't. A simple Evac system can provide horsepower too.
what starts melting? the metal? Im confused.
Draw a line with chalk along your exhaust pipes from the header collector. Drive the car around for a while to get the exhaust system good and hot. That heat will burn off some of the chalk, leaving a faint trace of the original line. Find the spot where the chalk line remains intact.

You can use crayon or grease pencil to do it.
there are lots of cheap tricks out there. Its true about about the rockers, the rollers are cool for high revving motors but most the gain is the ratio and not the rollers, you can get the same by replacing your cam. The roller rockers are machined to a much better tolerance then the stock stamped ones, the rollers also reduce friction in turn reducing heat and wear and if you go really wild in a cam its required to have rollers. I would look towards head work, I think you can make some good improvements in any engine easily in my opinion.
2 biggest hp gains is better air flow thru the heads and out exhaust and loss of heat from friction

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