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Skitzo's Engine Upgrade 2010
As I’ve already stated in “I Spy” the Skitzo is getting the Blazer’s engine.
The first step was to remove Skitzo’s current stock Chevy 350 with unknown miles and maybe 220 hp. It took just under 4 hours to completely remove the engine and sit it in the garage.


Then it was time to rebuild the front axle and pull the front clip for removal of the Blazer’s engine. Had some help from Brandon and Wayne and Pete (although Pete avoided the pictures)

Then, with the clip pulled and tires on the axles, it rolled up to the garage so I could remove the engine.


I had to use the vaccuum and some scrapers/wire brushes to clean the valve covers and other areas.
I pulled the flex plate from the other engine, the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate from this engine and installed the flex plate already,
torqued w/ lockright applied. Now to swap the roller rockers onto this engine.

The biggest problem is trying to decide what exactly to do to the engine before it goes in Skitzo…

It is a 1970 model 4 bolt main 350 bored .030 with flat top pistons.
It was machined and rebuilt in ’05 with heads receiving new vales, seats, guides and springs.
It also has Edelbrock matching cam/lifter/and intake – performer plus series (idle to 5500)

However, I have the Edelprock Performer II series intake and could swap in a matching cam
bumping the power band from 2000 – 6500 rpm’s
Which cuts down the low end torque but bumps up hp.

I also know of a set of 30 over 12:1 pistons, which bumps up the compression and horse-power, but lowers the low end torque.

On one hand, Skitzo is turning more into a racer and less into a trail toy, so if I bumped up the compression and went for higher HP
and torque in the upper ranges – and put in a 2200 stall converter It would do very well at the races.

But I’d still like to trail ride with it occasionally… so would that make it to where it wouldn’t be as trail friendly
(have to hit 2200 rpm before you really start moving – makes crawling a bit difficult.)
However, budget wise, throwing the motor together with the rockers, finding some shorty headers bumping me
to around 350 hp with great low end torque is much cheaper at this time!

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Builders Choice. Isn't your blazer going to be a trail rig anyways? How much money do you want to throw at it for one more race this year and before the next race? Are you looking for a long term or get you to the race. My 2 cents is-I would would build it the cheaper way, get through the race, put the engine back in blazer for wheeling, and build a motor that you really want over winter while you wheel with the family in the blazer (unless you are going Big Block in the Blazer then scratch previous statement and have fun with it). Either way, I can help you after work if you need some.
Have an EFI 454 for the Blazer.

Gonna go cheap route for now, and possibly do something more before next racing season if I'm not completely satisfied with what I do for now
I'm thinking going from 200 hp to 350 should be a seat of the pants difference I will like... but may not be completely satisfied with...

Thanks for the offer for help, but I haven't felt good for the past few days and decided to quit for tonight. Will post up work times later in the week.
Will be attempting to stab the motor back in Skitzo this evening. three four seven 33 zero 2
i would come out if i had the gas. I get off at about 5:30 pm . 590 three zero 77. if i can catch a ride out.
what time ?
any time after 5
ill be there about 530 or so
I just got home a little while ago and need a little more lead time. Are you working tomorrow?
Wednesdays is my second busiest day of the week...

Thusrday I'll be headed up to ColdFoot and back sometme Friday before the campout.

Saturday after we get back I may play around a bit with it. I plan on leaving banner probably around noonish.

Then Next Monday I'll be hitting it again.

Engine is in place. Trans is connected. Several other things are connected as well. Trying to figure out exhaust/headers - even if just for the next races...

Skitzo is taking shape again!

Thanks to Wayne and Brandon again for lending a hand.
Monday I found a set of headers that will work inbetween the frame-rails of Skitzo.

However, I knew the motor mount would need to be reworked for these to fit, so I went to Fairbanks for more oxygen and came back and grabbed the torch.

First I removed the motor mount bolts and lifted the motor as far as the trans would allow, giving me just enough space to work.

This is the passenger side view with lower motor mount in place still.

Here it is removed and lines for cutting drawn

Here the cut has been made, a gusset welded in place, and the lower mount bolted back in place.

Here it is with the headers bolted up

Notice the nice spacious gaps between the frame and the headers, as well as below in the header and the motor mount.

Here's the drivers side
Notice in the above picture the top right of the upper motor mount - how it bevels out to the right side. This would cause problems later.

Here the lower motor mount is removed and lines again drawn

Here it's cut and gusset welded

Again, notice the way the upper motor mount bevels out to the right

I tried the header, but it hit that motor mount, so I heated it up and hammered it inward, several times,
and it simply wouldn't move to where the headers would clear. So I got an idea, which almost worked,
I cut a 1" hole in the side so it would clear, leavingmetal all around for strength, but the metal I left was
still hitting, so I cut 1/4" out with the torch and then hammered it in and welded it flat - resulting in this:

Then I noticed that the header still hit - this time on the bolt. So I turned the bolt around where the head was
to the back of the mount, still hit. So I took the bolt to the grinder and shortened the head by about 1/4" and
it didn't hit there, but did hit lower on the mount. At this point it was getting ridiculous! So I simply shaved a
bit off the flange of the header collector.

The results - a tight fit, but a fit none the less.

It's actually not as close as that makes it look, because the lip of the collector is below the top of that hole.
However, I also had to take an angle off of the top of the mount plate, because it was interferring with the
header tube. Here you can see how close the shaved part of the collector flange is, as well you can see the
shortened bolt head, and the cut in the motor mount plate.

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looks real good kevin she should be alot of fun this weekend !
Thanks Wayne

Air intake that failed has been thoroughly cleaned and ready for re-construction with RTV at every connection.
that looks great man.. do u think that motor mount will be strong enough where the hole is?? is there room on the inside to like put a lil plate and weld in?? those headers look sweet tho where u pick them babys up at i wouldnt mind having a set for my suburban?
im trying to find the topper for mine now , i just finished re hanginging my snorkel and hose just need the dang topper have not found one in time in town .
I think the mount will be fine, even with the hole. However, I could be proven wrong! Leaving the metal (cutting and welding it) to be a circle instead of an pen "C" cut will help.

I called a bunch of folks looking for a set - an I could have gotten them from Summitt, or NAPA, or any other parts place. But I started a conversation about Chevy Trucks with some random guy @ NAPA and after a few minutes of chatting he asks, "You aren't the guy my friend Pete called me about looking for shorty headers are you?" It was Pete kerman who runs the insane pannel truck in class III, and yes, I was that guy! It was really strange seeing as I hadn't told him my name, or mentioned mud boggs at all, just talking Chevys. He dropped them off at my house (I was headed into town) and left me his number and what he wanted for them on the box top. Let me try them to see if they would work or not before I ever gave him a penny. Called his back that afternoon and dropped off the cash.

It also came with a set of side dump exhaust pipes that will work sweetly. I also gave less than he had paid for them and no shipping (his father in law had ordered them for a 66 Impala but they wouldn't work - so they were new in the box!) A very cool deal!
Fired it up tonight ... wish pictures were as cool as the sound... wow it was cool.
So I workedday on theew looks - more mud/waterproofing was in the works.

Had an old Toyota hood laying around

But that didn't look right - So I anchored my bender, welded some tube and then matched the hood to that

Here's a side shot

Notice the skinny Boggers I'll be runnig this Sat as well!

Had to de-graphiti it, and then for the weatherproofing Notice the difference between the old tarp and the new!

Unfortunately, I took it for a spin... It ran ok, but still having the Carb issues. Every time I hit above 3K then when it came down to idle it wouldn't come down past 3200 rpm. So I took off that carb and cleaned the old Eldebrock - which is what was on the motor when it was on the blazer. However, it too was dirty and had some idling issues... but no where near 3200! Hopefully when I test it in a few hours it is liveable! If not I'll be searching for a Carb...

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Looking gread Kenvin. Sorry I will not be able to support you directly at the race today, but I will be wishing I was there. Good Luck and bring home the big money.
sweet! im digging the new look! the tarp is looking excellent and the hood is nothing to ignore either! nice improvement!
Im sure the races will go well today, take home the #1 spot!

when you are ready to swap in the 454 into the blazer lemme know,cause ill be doing the same thing here soon enough too! (I need to knwo what goes where and why. so being there would be a big help)
Kev's first run started out decent, but when he shifted to third it bogged and he had to go back to 2nd to finish. 8.5 seconds (within a tenth or two)

After a quick fix second run was great 7.6 (I think, I didn't hear it from the speaker, just another spectator)

I had to leave, so I don't know how the 3rd and 4th runs went.

The engine sounds mean, but unfortunately he was matched up with the 600 hp Bozo Bronco, so you couldn't hear him. First run, Bozo whooped with a 6.7, 2nd run, it was a lot closer as Bozo ran a 7.3 or close to it.

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