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tread trainer class
There is one coming Aug 21. Frozen axles has set this up and now some people who signed up aren't coming and if they can't fill the seats it will be cancelled. I'm attending with guest. If anyone would like to go send me a pm with your info. I will try to get it passed on to them. Need Name, phone number, address. The cost will be $25. This is a good opputunity for all off roaders in the area.
Isn't that on the mud drag dates?
Yes. THe class is 8 am to 4pm if I remember correctly. I told them I'd get them any names by tonight or first thing in the morning. Like I said this would be a good thing to have folks go to. This is the first time they have ever came to the interior. We used to have some tread trainers in the club. It can pay off in the end to have some again. As long as they fill the seats and still have it I'm going. I wont have a rig for the mud drags anyways.
I'd really liek to go - I used to be a tread trainer but let it lapse... didn't re-cert.

However, I'm kind of committed to the mud boggs.
As of today this is being cancelled due to lack of participation. they needed a full goup and we ended up only having about 7. If you still want to go let me know. Something could change and it be on again.

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