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Waterproof Air Intake
This will detail my new and improved waterproof air intake system - but I will start with evidence of epic failure!

I bought a "Specter" air intake system from NAPA (Christmas gift certificate!) And put it together. I RTV'd the air intake to carb and figured the other fittings would be good, hose clamped together. I cut a 3" hole in the firewall and welded in a 3" pipe to place my air filter on the inside of the cab underneath my dash on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The entire set up (engine side) looks like this


This should have worked awesome... it didn't.

Here's the aftermath. Notice the nice brown mud covering the entire inside of my carbuerator


Here is the underneath of my air intake system...


Here are the tube ends - this is where the tube went into the alluminum top piece

This is the end that connected to the firewall pipe


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Where was it sucking mud from?
Ole, it was sucking in water at the hose connections.

I'll dissassemble them and take pics to show how the water/mud was etering the system.
Ok, so you have an aluminum top piece, a reducer, another reducer that the hose fits into, the hose, and the fitting on the other end that connects the hose to the "pipe" that goes through the firewall.

Here is the aluminum top piece with the 2 reducers.


Here is the smaller reducer that the hose fits into, you can see the "threads" for the hose to screw into


Here is the fitting for the firewall end of the hose, and again you can see the threads.


Here you can see how the hose threads into the fitting.




And here is the air filter location - just behind where the glove box normally would be... if I had one.
However, with the incredible wetness of the pits in Delta it still got splashed with some mud - but it did it's job.
(Splash came through the roll-bar opening, where it goes form inside the cab to outside)


So, I am figuring to clean everything really, really well, and then reassemble with some RTV.

This will make the 2 reducers, hose, and firewall fitting into 1 piece th will be hose clamped onto hard surfaces.

Basically glue everything together that isn't directly sealed by hard surfaces and hose clamps.

This is a decent air intake system, just I don't think they ever envisioned it being used in quite this fashion...

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Break out the RTV and waterproof/mudproof Skitzo.

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