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pcv/ccv ?
OK on the 4.0 motor there are two valves. One on the front of the valve cover and one towards the back. the back one is a pcv valve. what I don't know is if the front one is the ccv or what. So what is it? I still have a high idle after fixing one vacuum line, but when I clamp the hose running from the front valve it idles down to normal. So I'm wondering if it is bad but not sure what it is. I've never replaced one and never worked on vacuum systems with two of these. The hose runs from it to the air intake cover. the pcv runs from it to the intake. I do know the two are different.
OK so this fitting is the air inlet. Only test procedure is to remove it put a piece of paper against the grommet and see if it is sucked against it. I know there is vacuum there but my problem may be too much?

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