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whirling sound
My 2001 dodge ram (2500) with a 360 motor is making a whirling/winding sound when I get up in rpms. ... I popped the hood and pulled the throttle cable and I am having trouble locating the sound. My thought is the belt tension pulley.

Anyone with ideas or time ? I can drive it to a place for a quick inspection if ya wanna give me a tip.
thanks in advance!
Is it running a little warmer than normal? if so fan clutch.
its cold now. ill see if it does it when i first start off today. thanksSmile
just a thought does it sound like its comming from the engin?? cause my burban makes a simular sound and its the ujoints in the rear drive shaft they are really shot..
naw. there is no noise coming from the drive train except the engine. It did not make any sounds today for some reason! the gremlins I picked up from kevin's house must have decided to go back home. Im sure they will be back since they have a taste of Mopar now. haha

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