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AO Dark Skin
I like it but the text box for posting has a white background and the text is white as well with no provision to change the color anymore.
hmmm. It isn't on mine. Arin is doing a lot of work right now and trying to make it all right. Give him time and he'll have it all straightened out.
It works fine for me and the text box is black. I use Firefox, are you using Internet Explorer?
I miss the AO Blue. Thishurts my eyes. And my text//type bos is also white on white...
Weird, AO-Dark has a dark grey text box for me.

AO-Blue-Dark hurts my eyes as there is white everywhere, including the text box.

AO-Brown is very similar to AO-Dark.

AO-Default is pretty much the same as AO-Blue-Dark.

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