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I've been trying to post up some pics of the latest run but I keep getting a message saying the files are to large. I was under the impression that we were able to upload fullsize pics to the site. I have over 100 pictures of the run. If I have to copy and resize each of them before uploadloading, I'll only be doing a very few.
Any insight on how to get around this problem?
Let me look into. I may have messed up the pic size too like I did the permissions. Sorry man, I was tired and in a hurry.
I'm not sure it is set the same as all the other galleries and hasn't changed. file size is 2mb so if hte pic is bigger than that it will be too large. Most of mine are right at it or under. a 10 megapixel pic will be around 2.2mb. Arin can you shed some light on this one?
Now I'm having issues getting an invalid file type error. I'm trying to upload jpeg and it wont work. I'll look into more but hopefully arin can help us some.
not sure, try again and let me know. might be a permissions thing
I continue to get the invalid file error. The properties for the pic say its a JPEG (.JPG) extension.
Finally got a pic to upload but i had to resize it. The original file was 2.45mb and we are allowed 2.95mb the resized file is 488kb. the original file dimensions were 3264X2445 the resized pic is 1024X768. Not sure what's going on but the original file was smaller than what was allowed. and resizing all the pics would take forever like ole said.
I had to cut mine down from 2.08 to 1.19MB for it to upload.
My connection is slow, so I cut them down anyway...under 500kb.
They'll never be good enough resolution for the calender at this rate.
78calico Wrote:They'll never be good enough resolution for the calender at this rate.
Yeah, but the keepers we can re-download....mine are around 5 MB each.
Lets up the file size limit. The actual height and width doesn't matter because it will be resized on upload. The original, final link as you open it will be the full size.
I messed with some permissions this morning to clean things up in the gallery area
I'm having trouble with the gallery again
1. The only catagories available to upload into are the 2010 trailrides.
2. I have no permission to upload images.
Oh let me look. I thought I went through and changed them all but...
Try now. I'm not sure what's up. It had you as the owner of your album and your vendor album but i changed a few things. So I hope it works now.
My vendor gallery is screwed up. My pictures wont post until admin OKs them.
Any progress on making me an admin on my forum?[COLOR="Silver"]

---------- Post added at 09:45 pm ---------- Previous post was at 09:37 pm ----------

[/COLOR]Never mind on the second part. It's been done.
It would be nice to post some pics of my latest job though.
fixed. Sorry but I don't have the time sit down and go through every album in the gallery. If you have an issue with one let us know and we will get it fixed. Ole I made you a moderator of you vendor stuff as soon as we got back from m&g
Thanks Mel.

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