Poll: What Kind of trail ridies do you prefer
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Short part day trips
0 0%
One day and come back trips
3 30.00%
Weeknd camping trips
3 30.00%
Go find somehting way out there adventure trips
4 40.00%
Jump the curbs at the store trips
0 0%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Homepage Poll: What kind of trail rides do you prefer?
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I prefer the adventure trips that get me way out somewhere. Th day trips are ok but I spend too much time preparing and gas for just one day out. Getting out and spending more time on the trail is what I like, especially when I can bring the family and camp out.
I selected the one day trips, I would prefer the adventure multi day trips to south america and such, but I never can find time to do something like that I am always putting stuff off just to do the day trip. Maybe when I retire I can try a week log outing.
I like one day trips and spur of the moment short romps through close by mudholes but as busy as I seem to be anymore I have to plan ahead for my outings. Multi-day adventures make it worth my while.
This is a hard one to pick, The one day trips are fun but weekenders i like too.
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