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So where to get one? I'm in need of a 14X1.5 set. I tried AIh, napa, schucks but no luck. The closest I found was 14x1.25 I need to fix the fitting in the transmission again. Can you change the threads on the fitting to 1.25? If I could do that then I could get one, even the spark plug repair kits would work as they are 1.25 thread. Anybody have any ideas? Need to get this done asap.
I forget the name of the place, but its across from the Roundup on South Cushman. Denali Hardware is the name, I think.....
Denali industrial supply...they share the bldg with alaska steel co.
Northern machine on Davis rd.
so far the only place that had one is schucks but they are out. Fastenal has the recoil kits they can order for $254, I don't think so. Trying to work with AK rubber and rigging on getting a fitting a bit bigger then tapping out the trans to fit it and hooking the line up to it. Problem then becomes finding a tap 16mm or possbily 5/8" in the thread they have. This is getting to be a pain in the arse. I'm about ready to swap my old worn out trans back in, it's less work than this.
Thanks to Ole I got hooked up sort of. he didn't have the helicoil kit but gave me a wayt o fix it. Went ot ak rubber and got a fitting for the line that is npt and was going to tap the trans for that. went to denali to get the tap, which they didn't have, and got told by the guy they had a helicoil kit. I told him I was there earlier and they didn't have any. He found it so I picked it up. Kind of expensive but you never know when I or someone else might need one. I'll do this to fix it. If somehting goes wrong I'll head to town tomorrow to pick up the pipe tap for the fitting and try that route.

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