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better fuel economy
are there any kinda fuel economy products out there that actually work?
bolt on overdrives? friction reducing fluids? turbos? hydrogen injection? what has actually been used and proven? I know that in having a 3/4 ton lifted truck with over sized tires is a formula for worse fuel economy. but I am trying to do what I can for all the little gains possible.

Ive got a dodge 2001 and I am looking at maximizing my fuel economy...Im not looking to gain 10 mpg, because I would definitely have to chuck the lift and tires.. and I cant imagine doing anything like that.. ever.. but I would like to see 3-4 more. ..
here is what i have done so far:
-eliminated the unit bearings with a hub conversion kit.
-K&N air filter
-Aluminum wheels
-regular engine oil changes. (considering synthetic)..
-good driving habits
-good front end parts
-proper tire inflation
By the time you spend money to get better economy, you have spent more money than what 3-4 mpg will save you over 100K.

My advice, find a cheap 4-banger, minimum insurance. You will save a lot of money if you only drive the truck when absolutely necessary.
I forgot to include that as one of my ideas. haha.

but i also am moving out of my current place to a new place where I will be closer to my usual destinations. so less driving is another factorSmile
this summer I may be looking for a little 4 banger.
I have one, $200 on Blizzaks and has a summer set of tires.

But it needs a new/rebuilt 3.1L V6, the current one knocks a lot.
hey mark...
knock knock ....
There has been billions spent on testing all these so called fuel saver ideas. Most all failed. What you are doing already is the best things to do. Remember to clean that k&n regularly, I never liked them much myself. Synthetic has been shown to increase mpg by mabye 1%-3% but it is better for the motor as in life expetancy. Running good fuel is another thing, but considering most all places up here get there fuel from the same place it doesn't matter much. Run a fuel injector cleaner every few tanks. Don't haul a bunch of extra weight in the truck either. and avoid the myth of lowering hte tailgate. It has been proven scientifically several times it will not work and can drop your mileage.
I am curious about the "extra over drive kit" its a kit that youngs gear sells. Ive seen it in an offroad magazine article some time back. but in order to run it.. i think that you have to be going 65-70 mph or have enough torque (low end) to push it at lower speeds. So my guess is that it wont work unless I am speeding or if I have an engine with enough torque to run it.. hence my ambitions to get a cummins.
I'm not sure which one Young's sells but I've had experience with the KlunV ones. We had one on a 1998 Dodge dually with a cummins and 6spd. It was kind of cool having 12 gears. Was nice to have just that little extra over drive and having that gear between 5 and 6 for smaller hills where 6 wasn't enough and 5 was too much. I didn't see it effect mileage too much due to 6th gear with the over drive engaged was only helpful around 65mph or above. The motor lugged too much slower than that and that isn't good on a motor.
yeah i remember the article saying they loved the over drive kit but it was only usefull at 65 -70 miles an hour (and more). This would be useful for those long trips to anchorage, but pointless if you were hauling something. Did i say that right? correct me if im wrong. And as mark said.. if I am looking for a vehicle to drive to save.. an investment in a small 4 banger would be the fuel saver. I hear those old toyota long beds are awesome and would probably do the trick.
I drive my motorcycle almost everywhere in the summer. You can get saddle bags or use a backpack for small runs to the store, take my truck if I really need to haul something or if its raining. 50+ MPG on mine. The lower the cc the better, they have new ones that boast 90+ MPG...
I've been thinking about trying this:
that looks scary to try out. I wonder why auto dealers have not tried this out? or have they and decided its not worth it?
I'll be posting results later
Mahindra is coming out with new diesel small pickups this fall that will get 30 MPG.
Yeah but 30mpg for that small of a truck isn't good. I get 25 out of my one ton. I looked at those trucks online and in a few articles. my dad said the dealer back home is already taking orders on them.

Acetone in fuel doesn't work like they say. That was a big thing years ago for diesels and after tons of money was spent testing it the results were pretty crappy. Fuel mileage increase was minimal, in the neighborhood of .5 mpg or so. The catalysts that the guy in anchorage sells were tested as well and did nothing to help out. Also with the acetone if you put too much in you can damage parts.
Here is an idea
Jetta Diesel with a 5 speed. 52mpg
diesel is where its at!
As much as I love my diesel and would never go back to a gasser for a tow rig and such it doesn't pan out too well now. Diesel used to be much cheaper than gas and get better mileage. but with the price of diesel up higher and higher it's not equaling out anymore. For a daily driver it isn't worth it. That's why I've been trying to work some deals on getting something else for me a nd gina to drive and getting a late 90's dodge dually for tow rig duty.
what are you getting rid of your diesel for? Im interested if the price is right... and the bank approves the loan Smile
Who knows. It wont be for a while. We may end up using it as a trade in for a car for the wife. It'll be quite a while though. I'd have to find me a replacement for my car (once I sell it), then find a late 90's diesel I can afford, then either trade or sell my dodge to help pay for her a new vehicle.
If you dont get an awesome salesman and score a killer deal- hit me up. Im looking for a reason to sell my dodge and get a diesel . . . i will most likely get a loan and sell my dodge. but i gotta do both of those beforeTongue
HEY !! guess what? I improved My fuel economy! Before I started I was getting 12-13 mpg with in city AND highway miles (with hills).

Here is what I did-
Mechanical work:
+So I went ahead and tuned it up for performance, new oil -regular (5w-30), cleaned my K/N air filter, aired tires to 45 psi (max = 50 psi), Fresh Tune up (plugs, rotor, cap, wires)

+Added 90 octane fuel (the CPU was tuned for performance and required at least 91 octane fuel)
+Added some heat and octane booster.

Upon my next fill up I added 30.5 gallons. The total mileage with that fill up was 480 miles when I filled up.

This gave me 15.7 miles/gallon. The type of driving I was doing was pretty even with in town driving and highway driving (with hills). I was even a little liberal with the accelerator upon starting off. If I practice better fuel saver techniques I bet I can get 17 mpg out of my truck.
My dodge is 6 inch lifted, 35x12.5 A/T tires, aluminum wheels, 5.9 L motor (gas), 2500 chasis.

**My next trial I am working on now is with prestone octane booster, (90 octane)premium w/ performance tuning, and Marvel Mystery oil.**
I have heard good things about royal purple oil givign 1-2 MPG on some of the Dodge Challenger forums I surf, but I haven't tried yet myself to confirm or deny.
well, I guess when I am due for a fluid change in my tranny, ill do the diffs. as well, does royal purple make an engine oil? or is synthetic just as good?
Smarter driving style will beat out snake oils for getting more mpg. I run full syn from trans to diffs and would in the engine if it would stay in longer ( 200,000+ miles)

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