Poll: How does your trail rig do on fuel?
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Homepage Poll: Trail rig fuel mileage
So how does your trail rig do on fuel mileage?
12 mpg I think
The SAV averaged 17 going to Banner, wheeling Banner, driving back from Banner and acting as a DD around town for two more weeks. Went over 640 miles per the GPS and used about 38 gallons. (42 gallon fuel tank)

However, I think if just wheeling 14 would probably be closer to what to expect. So that's what I put.
The XJ consistently got around 16mpg. I haven't really checked it much since I quit driving it on the road much, that and the odometer doesn't work anymore.
I get right around 17
I probably get around the 14 range, I wheeled all day last time and used about a 1/3 tank on the XJ.
Little zuk 28 to 31 mpg on road, 25ish offroad. Fbks to banner wheeled all day back to Fbks 3.5 gal.

Bigger zuk 22ish all around.
I need clarification - is mph = to actual miles traveled or the miles the swheels spun through the mud? Big Grin

It actually depends on the terrain and the conditions - deep snow and lots of mud = mileage between 6-8. However, with low snow conitions or dry trails I can get about 10-12. I'm not trying to be difficult, but this puts me in two different ranges on the poll. (Rolleyes ok, maybe I just like being difficult.)

The Blazer with 4.88's and 38.5's would still get 12 on the hwy.
As soon as you started town or trail driving it dropped depending on the conditions.
11 MPG with the Hummer and 42's. it used to get 14 stock running 37's or 13 running 38 Swampers SX's. the 42's really sapped the power and MPG, but the traction and ground clearance is awesome.
Calico always got about 10mpg no matter what. I don't know what the new rig gets. I have only run 1 tank of gas through it so far and it was all trail.
Honestly, I don't care what milage my trail rig gets. If I did, I'd wheel a Kia. I have dual tanks and can always throw gas cans in the back if needed.
I get about 250 miles out of my tank which is a 28 gal. according to the trip I get 12-14 all around driving. maybe closer to 20 on the hwy.

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