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removable tube flares?
I've had a crazy, yet seemingly genius idea, and I would like some feedback on how realistic it is. I was thinking a couple sets of tube flares that can just bolt onto a permanent frame to attach to the Jeep and would be able to be switched out in a couple hours when I switch between my planned wide trail tires and the skinny street tires, with different widths of flares to match a 12.50 and a 16" wide tire respectively. How strong is this, potentially? Would it be too much of a hassle, would it require ugly/sharp edged flanges to be sticking out and cutting up my tires? I plan to have them be nearly flat, maybe with a downward lip up front but straight edges on the sides, and taper down to a set of rock rails on rocker guards and down to the bumper in the back.

Thanks for any feedback.
Sounds like a pain in the butt, and tube isnt cheep so two set would be bank.
hmm, so maybe a pair of flares that can cover a 12.50 on a 4" backspace wheel and hope I can find some wider wheels in a deeper backspace for the wide trail tires, it'll maybe stick out an inch or so but Mel's been running with his 12.50's without flares at all without any hassle...I guess as long as I'm not driving like an idiot and I don't catch the cop on his bad day I shouldn't have too much of a problem driving the wide tires to and from the trail. I'm thinking if I had a 4" backspace wheel with 12.50's, a 5.5" backspace wheel on 16" wides would equal out....just worried about looking for a 15x12" wheel with a 5.5" backspace.....yikes.
If you can wait a couple weeks, that is exactly what I was gonna' do. Except I was gonna' make one set and remove them when not needed.
Oh I'm waiting, just putting the idea out there. I didn't know if running 16" wide tires on regular wide flares would stick out too much and cause legality issues, and I still want flat fenders to keep from binding my tires up on the stock fenders.
Why not make easily removable soft flares to go over tube fenders?

That way you get your tube fenders, and you can cover the big tires.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about catching the cop on his bad day. It's a fix-it ticket, so just swap back your street tires and you're golden.
yeah I was thinking retreads, but it's only a couple more inches....I can deal with a fix-it ticket. Mostly my idea was to offer up some uniqueness in a world of cookie-cutter jeeps.

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