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State vehicle requirements
It would probably be easier too keep an eye open for an F-550 or Chevy 5500 and build them up since their GWVR is higher.

If you are serious about trying to get a higher GWVR rating.
yeah, but then you spend lots and lots and lots ... and lots of money. I wouldnt wheel a rig that big anyway.
Getting a higher GVWR isn't really worth it, IMO. If you are too high for the street, time to put it on a trailer. It would be cheaper in the long run.
Old thread, but I was researching vehicle equipment requirements and found clarification on measure for lights:
[B]13 AAC 04.015. Visibility distance and mounted height of lights
[/B]© When a provision of this chapter addresses the mounted height of lights or reflectors, the measurement specified is from the center of the light or reflector to the level ground upon which the vehicle stands when the vehicle is without a load.

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