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Tread Lightly and Blue Ribbon Coalition
Great news guys. In addition to being a member of Blue Ribbon Coalition we are now also a member of Tread Lightly once again. Thanks to the folks who donated money to the club for this. They are a top notch organization and as long as we utilize them they will benefit us.

check out the link Tread Lightly Club member List

Treadligtly Homepage

Blue Ribbon Coalition
Great job Mel!
Our website is now up on the Blue Ribbon Coalition site as well.

Blue Ribbon Coalition Member Organization and Businesses

I have several Tread lightly magazines I'll bring to the car wash and the meeting. As well as brochures for Blue Ribbon Coalition. I will try to have these at every meeting, event, and trail ride so we can hand these out to folks. I also have a tread lightly banner and a BRC banner that we can use at events such as a car wash and more.

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