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OK, I bought another toy, this time its a 80 yota. My wife isn't happy but I am going to make this a long term project and will do most the work after the VW is done. I have to get rid of some parts though. I have a SWB and a LWB Frame about 103" and 111". My XJ is a about 104" and I like it. I am going to either section the bed or make a flat bed either way I will cut off most of the rear after the springs to improve approach angle. I want to do Coil springs front and rear but at least the front, and I am going to run the 22RE motor, 5spd, yota axle locked front and rear, trusses, cross over steering and between 31-33" tires. This is to replace my XJ as a dedicated wheeler. either way its allot of time, tryng to keep it to a small budget unlike some other project, and I will already have most the tools to Fab. The LWB almost runs, the SWB will need to be built from the frame, the body is mismatched w/ bad repair work. I know allot of people have wheeled these form time to time so I would appreciate the info on what might work the best here. With my limited knowledge of the trails so far I don't think either one wouldn't be bad, I just can't make up my mind. I won't both, Linda says NO!!!!
the early 80's yota is still a well built rig the motor should be a 20r not the 22re wich is fuel injected 2400cc .

also if its a 1980 the tranny should be a 4 spd with a non removeable bellhousing . the flanges use the smaller 10 mm bolt pattern 84 and up uses the larger 12mm bolt pattern so if you use the newer 3rd members remember to swap flanges so u can still use your drive lines .

also u should be using the top shift t case so if u ever scrap the rig keep that t-case they are wanted badly for all the doubler guys .. i got mine from my old 83 .
it has a 20R 4spd w/ top shift. I want to up grade to the newer 22RE w/ 5spd unless the 4spd is that much better and I am looking at the double transfer case option. I like EFI, so I will find something to make it all work. It can't be as hard as the VW project, I should be able to find the intake and stuff pretty easy either from a truck or a car. The big decision is SWB or LWB, because I have to get rid of one. The other mods will come, I see there is a lot of mods that can be done to make these even better trail rigs, trying to keep it as much as a junk yard special as possible to keep the price down.
ill be back up this weekend , and ill be more than happy to share notes with you ..mine is all scrap yard parts .. my bed is made of a polaris shipping crate the aluminum in the bed is from the air plane cargo skids ..

my springs are a combo of alaska springs and old FSJ springs . if you want a cheap up grade for your gearing swap out your stock 4cyl 3rds with a 3.0 v6 auto truck/4runner SR5 models they will have 4.88 stock ..those thirds are cheap usually 100-150 here locally . they use a bigger bearing and super easy to lock up and work with .
while the 4spd is a tough tranny ,you cant adapt it to any other motor but the 20r the block to deck height was shorter than the 22r/22re so the top bolts will not line up .

also when on the road the gap between 2nd and 3rd will seem rather tall and worse when lifted with bigger tires .
[Image: pict1724.jpg]

The Left is the LWB, its supposed to run, needs battery, all seals and gas. The front is damaged and the bed is rusted pretty bad but the cab is good. The one on the right is the SWB, its missing the engine, trans and transfer, the wires and dash are cut up pretty bad. The cab is ok and it has a older bed that I am giving away if someone wants it. I have parts from a third it has been rolled, dash and wires in good condition, bed in good condition, it has some damage on one side from the accident. I think I am going to use the SWB and possibly make it shorter then it is, I am using the bed, dash and wiring off the third one and probably us the cab from the LWB and the front clip from the SWB. Its allot of work, defiantly Sweat equity. It came with a extra 4sp and transfer case. I am looking into a 22RE engine, trans and transfer or I might go with a Vortec V-6. I am going to look at the price for both and take in account for the weight.

Too many toys and not enough time to work on them, I wish I was still in class so I got off at a decent time so I could work on something.
sounds like a good project... it will be nice to see the outcome
save the asin hubs ! they have been going for 200 bucks each ! wich kills me not 4 yrs ago i could find them for less than 100 bucks a pair !

keep as many birfs u can .. and hold onto the top t-case !

if the rear drive line is any good save it for spare parts they use a carrier bearing and they are not cheap .
I think he is trying to compete with Kevin and Marty, But he has a looooong way to go. Big Grin
I had to go buy another vehicle yesterday to attempt to keep up!
Today I bought a battery, some gas and prayed. The toyota started right up, little smoke out the exhaust, but at least it runs. Maybe it needs valve guides, maybe rings or maybe it just needs to be ran. Its a little loud, open exhaust can do that, no antifreeze leaks but it does have a lot of oil on everything!! I think the big puddle is from the trans, he told me the trans has issues and he gave me another to put in it. Long term though it will go to a 5 speed and at least a 22RE
Actually makes some of my junk look good!!
[Image: pict1743_thumb.jpg]

So I bought another truck, this one makes number Toyota #3.5. Its a 81 yota, 22R w/header, 5 spd. 16" wheels 32" tires and a suspension lift. The body is pretty beat up, the engine is unknown. At least I have wheels for my other truck. I am going to try and start it tomorrow for fun, other then that I am stripping another truck. My wife just reminded me that this is #15.5 for vehicles Ive owned in Alaska.
Wow, you are worse than me, and I currently have six vehicles at my place. (One left today!)
Guessing I should stay out of this oneSmile
for the 1st gen body style , 81 is a good year .
[Image: img_2884_thumb.jpg]
I needed to clean her up a little so I could put it out side. She was the one on the left in my garage.

[Image: img_2883_thumb.jpg]
This one was for parts, but I think I have another plan for it.

[Image: img_2886_thumb.jpg]
Heres the fleet, Linda says NO MORE!!!!!
I am going to switch cabs from the tan toy to the black toy and strip the tan one down for usable parts and haul off what's left. If anyone is available around 1:00 p.m. I could use some help switching the bodies. I am going to start prepping the two trucks in the morning.
if I have time after helping wayne I'll be by.
After some searching I found that 79- late 81 the toys had a 4 speed with removable bellhousing as did late 83 and newer five speeds. Maybe this will help with the sideways trans.
And look here.

22r in 1981-1984
[Image: pict1842_thumb.jpg]

This is what I decided to do, I kept the short bed and and scraped the long, I need to rework the suspension to something that flexes more(maybe coils), I want to go 33-35's and I am trying to figure out the engine. I am going to go either 4.3V6 or 22R .
it looks fun
ok, I have been thinking about this project and surfing around for junk yard builds. My hole goal on this truck was to keep it as cheap as possible without compromising function and ability and FAB as much as I can by myself. I am doing a 4.3 swap out of a S-10 w/ a NV 3500, the problem lies with the transfercase adapter. I need to call around and see about the 5 bolt pattern and whats availible I guess the full size has 6 bolt pattern with lots of options. I would really like to use my toyota transfercase and make it into a doubler. Front suspension is going to be waggy springs that I already have at the house, rear I am going to go with the 63" chevy 2wd springs, I am going to price them out I think I know where a set are I just need to measure them. The axles are goingt o stay stock for now, probable weld them up to keep it cheap for now and build another set that I have laying around properly. I am going to make the motor mounts, cross member, axle truss, spring perch, shackles, sliders and front and rear bumpers. for wheels and tires I am thinking about 15" street legal tires either dura trac or some kind of swamper, and 16" agrucultural tires. I think the money will be spent on shocks, tires and transfercase adapters.

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