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[/COLOR]I have to say I like that axle position a lot!
now for some fender trimming!

nice work don!
I redid the motor mounts and backing plates for the frame, I also repositioned the axle back a few inches. I like how the engine is sitting now, but I went to far on the axle. It's time to cut the front axle off again and try to push it forward about 1" or less to get a better shackle angle. This time I will remember to keep all the markings so I will have a base line to work from, last time I ground / cleaned everything up and lost that, so I was strarting from scratch
Did you end up keeping the stock exhaust? If so, does yours have a huge block of metal on the drivers side rear exhaust manifold?

On Kael's motor there is about a 2" presumably solid chunck of cast metal that is in the way of the steering shaft.
Is it solid? can I sawzall it off to move the motor more towards center?
I pulled the toyota in last Sunday. I hope to start reworking the front suspension Saturday morning. I down loaded the diagram for my fuse block that I hope will work for that engine.
I will be out there to help Saturday.

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