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you can keep the build price down alot if you stuck with the whole s-10 drive train the out put is til on the same side so you can use the yota axles .. most of my build money went to the adapter ,clutch and mounts .

if i were to do it again on a yota platform i will keep it all one make drive train so i wont have to worry about mounts and specail 1 off parts if they break .. any schmucks will carry them .

everything will fit as it should lol ..
there is a junk chevy out by my house that i got the rearend out of for my suburban its 2 wheel drive
Let me know when you are planning on building the doubler, and I'll order the same kit as you so we could build to of them at the same time. I have a set of transfer cases I need to double for my Toy project too.
OTT makes a devoiced t-case plate for toy's.
Well I ordered some parts today, so much for paying off a bill. I ordered some nice to have parts, like high steer and ram assist. I am going to still weld the axles up for now. I just have to many extra carriers that I can build once I get back from my deployment. I should be picking up the engine next week / weekend sometime. I am looking for tires in seattle (that where I shipped the parts too) then I will ship it all up at once on a pallet with SamuraiMike's stuff that he ordered a while ago.
Petey may have an extra set of 63's he's not using.....

Sounds pretty cool!
I just returned them to MSI in exchange for flexy 58" ers[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]I have some 3 inch wide 58" long rear springs that came off my dodge.
Picked up a set of 35/12.5R15 Super Swamper SSR radials for the toy. Not really the tire style that I wanted but the price was right so I will see how they do up here.[COLOR="Silver"]

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The SSR Series of Super Swamper Radial/TSL tires is the next generation of light truck radial tires. This series has many of the OEM sizes for Sport Utility Vehicles and 4 Wheel Drive light trucks who do not want to modify their vehicles but still need the performance of Super Swampers. The design incorporates a slightly tighter tread pattern, siping for wet pavement traction and icy conditions, greater sidewall protection with traction features and is quieter running.
where u get them from ?
I really like these. A couple years ago my buddy Kelly let me use his for our week trip to M&G. I ran some of the same trails I always do and did much better with them. I like them better than the plain TSL's.
I got them from seattle craigslist, I'm hooked on craigslist, the only problem is fairbanks doesn't offer the deals that I want so I had to migrate down to seattle.
So I have been looking for a solution for my transfer case problem. I can find a hard to get 231/300 doubler for about $500 plus the dana 300 or I can try to make a toyota axle into a driver side drop. Flipping the axle is defiantly cheaper but it looks like a lot of work. I would have to rotate the knuckles, re-tap 4 Bolts for the 3rd member, vent and drain plugs. Does anyone have any experience with this type of work on a toyota axle? My Cross over steering, 6 bolt knuckles, tires and misc. parts should be here next week from seattle. I can't wait!!
I don't think that will work, as the case has been built to run in that position. I've heard of folks removing and installing the axle tubes on the opposite sides (moving the long tube from one side to the other) then getting axle shafts that fit the new application, but not flipping the whole axle.
Mark, he'd still be running the drop-in rightside up. It would be alot of work to do but what he's talking about hould work.
I forget about the drop ins and being able to flip them. That would work then.
He'd also have to cut the back cover off the pumpkin and rotate it 180*.
I got the parts the other day, Ram Assist steering, cross over, six shooter knuckles, Dif armor, axle truss and my 35" SSR's. it felt like Christmas when I went to pick it all up. Kevin also delivered the donor truck a 2000 Chevy S10 with about 80,000 miles on it. I stripped it down pretty quick last week, getting the engine and trans out was the hardest part, I guess it is recommended on the trucks to lift the cab up a little, I chose to muscle it out. Since the weather has been bad the past couple days, I decided to do a little work on my own Rig. I brought in the Toyota and stripped out the old engine, trans and transfer. not bad for a after noon of work. so I am still figuring out a few things for the transfer case, but I bought a Dana 300 which is a passenger side drop. Know all I need to do is figure out where to get the input shaft for a 27 spline and how to make this clocking ring. I contacted Josh to come by and I also sent some photo's to NOVAK to see what we can come up with to make it all work. I measured it out and it will be about 6" longer then the old set up, I think that will be better since the toyota front drive line was so short anyways.
I think I am going to change the thread / name to "Recycled". Who says 4X4's can't be ECO friendly, most of us use old recycled parts any ways. I got the the computer and the Dana 300 today, just got to clean it up and make sure the adapter kit that I got from Novak works right. Thats actually the last major part that I needed, the other little stuff will come after Afghanistan. I am going to mount the drivetrain in before I leave just to get it out of the garage so the family has more room for their stuff.
Not only are we recycling, we are putting money back into the community- which helps others supply and recycle part they want! Win win win!
Ok, I'm done thread jacking tonight Smile
So Kael and Kevin came by yesterday to give me a hand with my 4.3 since it's the same engine that they are going to put into the CJ5. We started to strip off the loom and tape from the engine wire harness, what took me an hour or two with the harness off of the 5.3, it seamed that it was all done in less then 30 min. Thats was great. Then we started to delete the non essential wires and change the path of the wires so it works with my plans on the toyota. The original set up was the computer off the passenger side and the main fuse block off the drivers side. I am changing that and putting the computer in the glove box and the fuse block on the passenger fire wall. I will post up later the pictures but everything is marked and ran in the proper direction now. Thanks for coming over and giving me a hand it helped put a lot. After Kevin and his Son left I started to work the motor mounts and such. I got most of it completed yesterday until I had to leave for a baby shower, but I am going to finish that up today and try to get the transfer case ready. If all goes well I should have the engine trans and transfercase in the truck on Monday.
[Image: pict1882.jpg]
Engine after we re-routed and marked all the wires.

[Image: pict1886.jpg]
Wire and main fuse block that were deleted from the S10 stuff.

[Image: pict1894.jpg]
The Poly mounts that I made for the 4.3 to toyota frame. I modeled them off of the ones OLE made for my VW w/ the 5.3 Vortec.

Know I need to work on the transfer case and put it all in the truck. Look like Monday will be busy.
[Image: pict1896.jpg]

Dana 300 ready to install but the input Shaft is to long. I called them up and I should have the right part by Friday.

[Image: pict1898.jpg]
I got the Engine mounted and tac welded in for now. I have to check some clearances and then pull it back out and weld it the rest of the way. I will probably do that when I get back. I still need to make a temp transmission mount. The Factory S10 one almost fits so I might use that for now. I left the AC on the engine for a future on board air system

[Image: pict1899.jpg]
The hood even fits now I need to check the fan clearance and exhaust. They make some headers for this swap, but I don't want to spend the $$.
I found a 1KZ-TE today, now the decision is do I keep the 4.3 and up to 70 more HP and 50lbs ft of torque, or do I go Turbo Diesel?
Sitting in the garage waiting on some love.

The big things that I am going to be working on in the near future are re-working the motor mounts and welding them in permanently, I need to swap the transfer-case input shaft and mount it to the transmission, make the new rear crossmember and finish the engine wiring. There is tons more to do, but this is a start or at least my goal to get this project going again.
I posted up pictures but it will not allow me to link it to the thread. It says I have exceeded my max. I think I am going to change it a little more. I first put stock Toyota rear springs up front with the help of Shane, that was a few weeks ago. I then built new spring hangers for the front. It got a little higher then I wanted and the shackle didn't move much during flex. I think I am going to replace the 2x6 with a 1x6 if I can find some scrap to lower it a inch and then I think I will push the axle back another inch.

[Image: toy-6.jpg][COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]I looked and you have unlimited upload and no restrictions on posting that I can find. Not sure on this one. We will add it to the list of things that need fixed.

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