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Homepage polls
A new one is up now. Lets here some ideas for new polls. Include the questions and choices. Doesn't even have to be offroad related. No political or controversial polls. We will try to change the poll each month at the end of the month.
Winch line vs cable, Multi mount winch vs hard mount , MTRs vs Drag slicks Big Grin , Alloy rims vs steel.
we've doe the wire rope s cable on before We all know to get slicks over mtrs. The rims one sure, we've had discussion before but not a poll.

I need ideas people. Doesn't have to be offroad related. Funny ones are just as good.
some rules:
Keep it clean
If you present a poll question you have to present at least three choices and up to five.

so lets get some ideas. The one on the front page is now over two months old. The creative part of my brain isn't working at the moment.
long or short wheel base

Gas or Diesel

HP or Tork

All around 4x4 or a purpose built 4x4

Trailer queen or a multi purpose

Small or Large Tires

taller Sidewall or Shorter sidewall tires (15" - 24" rims)

Blonds or Red Heads (got to keep it real)
88XJ Wrote:Blonds or Red Heads (got to keep it real)

I noticed he didn't say Brunettes... Hmmmm...

How about...
What's for Lunch on the trail...
1. Whatever you pick up at the store on the way
2. PB and J from home
3. BYOBBQ and a cooler
4. Lunch who needs to bring lunch I want to eat the berries and tree bark along the trail!!!
5. Hire a personal chef to be flown in and make a gourmet meal trailside.
leaf spring vs coil
efi vs carb (has this been done already?)
soft springs vs stiff springs- or in between
no lift and Major Fender trimming vs moderate lift and moderate fender trimming

Zuki vs. Jeep
Full sized vs. mid sized vs. zuki
Bump for ideas. Remember if you suggest a question for the poll also present at least three choices. The this vs that polls just aren't as fun. And most of those discussions have been done on here over and over. Also they don't have to be offroad related or even automobile related.
Blonde vs Brunette??? just say'n
Well Donald suggested blonde or red head. Maybe we can combine these two for something good.
all 3... cant go wrong there ; )
Hard to make a choice on that one.







Resurrecting this thread. Post up some ideas for the homepage poll. If you post a question you have to post up atleast 4 answers for it as well.
Giving this a good ol bump. Right now Linda's idea is on the top of the list for the next one.

Doesn't always have to be 4x4, trail oreven auto related. Could be anything just remember we are a family club.

Post a question and also choices, usually 4 but can have more.

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