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Driving to Anchorage and Back
Well, I'm driving the Avalanche down to Anchorage tomorrow. Don't know what I'll be driving back at this time. Might be the Avy + something else or something else.

I'm hauling a trans down for Marty (if he gets it over to my place this evening), but should have a little room if you need something small hauled. I'd rather leave the bed cover on since our bags will be back there.

I cannot promise any room on the return trip, as I don't know what we'll be driving at this point.

Call my cell 9 seven 8 9 zero one one, if you want to bring something by this evening.

We leave around 8 am tomorrow.
stop by and say hi , mike is here too
We'll try, planning on it on the way back, we'll see how we're doing timewise on the way down.
Fix_It Wrote:stop by and say hi , mike is here too

I wondered why he missed lunch on Wednesday!

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