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85 toy pick up flat bed build up
Hi guys ,

long time no see or talk with ... well i have been stripping down the 85 toy mini pick-up for trail truck build up ..

i had already built my front winch bumper and sliders ,now for the flat bed .

the bed was rusting really bad to the point of no return and findind another one in this state better than mine was impossible ..

so now i'm trying my luck at building my own bed and bending tube .

here is what i have for materials so far .
3/4 x 10 ft of schedule 40 poop pipe 100 ft of it ! for under $30
1.250 x10 ft scedule 40
2x3x .125 x10 ft
and .250 plate
8 poly body bushings from performance

i will also be reusing the bed floor and bolt in sides as these were still good metal ..and saves money for me . as soon as i figure out the new posting sytem i will start the pics for you all ..

miss you guys hope to see you at the meet and greet !
Use something like to upload pics. Then copy the IMG url they give you and paste it directly to the thread you are posting.
what happened to the upload for members ? is this now nolonger a feature of the new format ?
They're working on the gallery, which I believe has temporarily diabled the member upload feature.
wayne, email them to me. I'll post 'em up.
Whats up bro. Miss you man.
thanks guys i will .. i miss you to bro , i would like some of your expertese on this build up kinda out of my relm ... i sure hope you come down this spring to wheel ..

i had the hardest time getting in the web site .it would not exept the puter generated password or my personal one i had updated it too .. tried to log in as a new member and wouldnt take my email address oh well im back now ..

geoff the email is big laptop has no way of downsizing it ...sorry i have more coming tonight april has the puter jack to the camera lol
[Image: bedrust015cz.jpg]
[Image: mount012ha.jpg]
[Image: frame016if.jpg]
as you can see i had 20 yrs worth of scale and rust to clean before any welding or fabbing was to be done this took a long tome to do .
i also have to box the rear of the frame for the chevy 63 in springs im hanging back there .. so im cleaning it all up and test fitting ..have alot more bracing to do as well [Image: frame028wy.jpg]
this is the base of the tube frame 2x3 box and instead of butting them together i cut joints in them for much better strength and it even came out square ! i always seem to have a hard time allowing for shrinkage after welding ..[Image: bed014sy.jpg]
here is one of the rear mounts i made . i just ordered new energy bushings for bed .. the reasons for the design ..well im cheap and its using the ends of the stock i had already cut

some of the things that i plan on doing in the bed are in floor tool boxes (to keep weight low and save room for more stuff ) and drop down tail gate with more built in storage with a working vise for those dirty trail repairs ..and you know how much tools i carry !

the front will carry 2 FULL SIZE MATCHING SPARES lol its going to be a cross of the allpro bed but with more square tubing .[Image: mount020eo.jpg]
Keep the pics coming, man. We miss your fab skills.
oh and geoff the materials for the base ... old polaris shipping crates .. have a friend who works for a local air shop ..and they drop the crates to save weight on air ship ... sides are 2x3 x.250 and the length wise is 2x4 x .125 and lots of sheet metal and 1x angle iron and best of all its was free !
Good seeing ya Wayne - call me!
sent ya the info u requested , i'm home all day working out of my garage so calll my cell .. i got this too late tonight to call ya on a wednesday church night .
What happened to the FSJ?
sold both , bought the blue 79 for 500 and sold it for 1800.00 and i bought susuki daves 85 mini for 700 and building what you see here ,oh and bought a wonderful horizontal band saw ! best thing since sliced bread ! i dont break nere as much with my yotas ! 3 t-cases in one season was crazy !
the QT is just a crap t/c.
today i bought some new toys for the shop with my income tax return .. my LE 100 mig was good but on the light side and i needed to be able to weld over 1/4 inch but still have only 110 in my garage (this summers project) so i got the hottest 110 mig lincoln electric makes the SP 135 PLUS wich has alot more adjustment and heat . It will do both flux core and mig and came with both set ups .

also got tired of using mapp gas to heat up metal and bought a victor pro series torch set and 180 series tanks ... now to figure how to make clean cuts ..right now i know how to make it look like it did when it came out of the earth ! after some sleep i will link some new pics of the build
here is how i was bending the pipe and trying to get as good of a accurate reading as i knew how with what i had .

[Image: pipe016vb.jpg]
[Image: pipe029ew.jpg]
[Image: pipe036ko.jpg]
these bends are for my flat fenders , to try and keep fairly square while miching it up i used alot of straps and welding magnets ..and still not 100% lol[Image: pipe046xh.jpg]

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