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K-5 Build up (Blaze)
Okay, well on Friday morning Kevin and I are going to pick up my new project.

It's a 85 K-5 with a non running motor.

After we strip the SAV, we'll do a partial strip on this one and go from there.

What we are stripping is;
1. Engine/Trans/T-case
2. Front doors (gonna use the current ones to make a set of half doors, if I can figure out a way to hinge them so they are easy to change.
3. Axles and springs
4. Rear axle rear hangars
5. Brake master cylinder and booster
6. What's left of the heater box

1. Install lift springs up front and install D60
2. Install spring hangars from SAV and install where we removed the ones from the rear on the K-5 for a shackle flip and install 14FF
3. Put front doors of SAV on K-5
4. Install SAV heater box
5. Install SAV mojave heater in the rear somewhere
6. Install Clutch pedal assembly and Clutch Master cylinder
7. Install SAV Brake Master and hydrobooster and bleed system
8. Get a floor pan from manual trans Chevy and install
9. Install 6.2L with SM420/Rockwell T-case
10. Hope and pray I can find driveshafts that fit, that don't cost an arm and a leg.
11. Take it for a spin

After Verifying that it runs and works fine Stage 2 will include the following
1. Roll Cage
2. Bumpers
3. Sliders
4. Winch
5. Crossover Steering
6. Bigger/Better tires

The date to start this is Saturday the 27th. See you here.
need any help let me know
I got the day off, if you need help give me a call.

The K5 that I got has all three seats, I don't know how good they are but you can have them.
Sweet, let me know when to come and get them.

Project K-5 came home today. Needs work, but we'll get there.
The K-5 is on hold for buildup until I get the wife something else to drive.

The insurance adjuster looked at her van and said it was toast. I may pick up something that doesn't need to much work from Marty, and if I do, that vehicle will get the priority over the K-5.
If all goes well Saturday and the SAV is stripped and at least out of the garage, the Blazer will come in.

If there's still time, remove the Trans/T-case, and the motor.

If there's time after that, install the heater box, and maybe (would like to do a few things first, but would like to use the help if I have it) install the other engine. If that goes quick, then pull the front springs, get the D60 and the lifted front springs in.

If we still need something to do, remove the rear axle and remove the rear axle rear spring hangars, maybe even weld the new hangars in their place, but we'll see.

I doubt we'll get that far, but we'll see how it goes.
well if i dont do anything ill help u... i love wrenching
This has been pushed back to the 6th of March, and depending on life, could even get slipped back a bit more.
Pushed back yet again, life always gets in the way. Shooting for the 20th of March.
Shane and Donald had an interesting idea I might keep a few parts from the SAV for and try out on the Blaze if I can.

I may cut the rear doors and some of the rear off of the Burb and may see if I can try to convert my K-5 to rear barn doors. I will probably have to come up with some sort of metal frame that would mold with the fiberglass top somewhere, but we all agreed that the tailgate of the K-5 with the electric window (a hand crank window tailgate is near impossible to find) is a problem on these. It would be an interesting idea to put a set of barn doors on one, and I'm sure if I do, I could find another set of doors that I could turn into a set of half doors for when I'm running without the top.

What do you guys think?

Also, hoping to get this in the garage by Thursday and have it running by the 10th for the trail ride/meeting.

One big hurtle I see is the rear driveline. Most Chevy's use the slip yoke style of rear driveshaft. Well, my Rockwell T-case has a fixed output, so now I'll need to find a rear driveshaft with the slip built in. If not, I'm sure it's probably cheaper to have one ordered and shipped up rather than have Youngs build me one.

If anyone has an extra rear driveline laying around that has the slip built in, I'd love to look at it. I'm guessing that the yoke of the T-case is either 1350, 1410, or maybe a little bigger (guess I need to go measure huh?) and the axle yoke should be 1350.

Anyways thought I'd pass on the happenings.
if you dont want to buy a complete drive shaft, you can buy the parts and the tubing and we can put it together. It will be half the price as youngs. Also if someone finds you a correct drive shaft we can just shorten or lengthen to your application. you might want to look at the 90's fords truck aswell, the F350s with the over 8500 GVW. They also had the flange style borg warner. I have been looking for an extra to fit to my truck for when we all go down to meet and greet. I may try to make one, one of these days it looks like something fun.
i got a drive shaft for a burban if u want it ill have to look it might have a slip.. and if u want a extra set of doors i got a good set of doors. and i got a tailgate in the other burban. oh and ill look but i might have acess to a k-5 tail gate with a crank window ill have to look and see.
If you can get a K-5 or Burb tailgate with a crank window, I'm interested.

Madness, I was kindof thinking about those as well. I'd have to remove the flanges, but with regular U-joints one of those might work.

Loving the ideas thanks guys.

A week has gone by with nothing happening in my garage, thanks to sickness which I am still not over yet.

I did pick up a new flywheel, valve cover gaskets, and a few other misc items that were needed.

Played the bellhousing game and finally found one that will work, just have to go back and pick it up.

Also scored a 2wd steering box, and ordered a crossover steering kit to go with it.

Almost ordered a soft top, but decided to hold off, for now.
Replayed the Bellhousing game, gave one back, and got another that will need an adapter, but at least I can get and got clutch linkage for it.

Dropped off front brake lines to get renewed (the old ones were weathercracked) It only cost $35 and they are extending them 7"! SCORE!!!

Picked up a couple of leaf spring bushings that were needed since someone stole a couple of bushings before I picked up the kit.

Spoke to the transmission shop, explained a few things and hopefully the transmission will be ready by Wednesday.

Now to finish tearing the SAV apart and get it out of the garage. I hope to bring this in the shop on Monday.
If you still have the burb why don't you section in the back half on to the K5 to make the ambulance door mod that you want? Or do you want a removalable top? I still owe you some help so give me a call
I might do that down the road, so I will chop that part off the Burb before it goes.
Just ordered the last part I need (An adapter for the bellhousing to fit this old transmission)

Headed to town in a few minutes to pick up my new brakelines.

Oh the fun, and now I feel good enough that I might actually start working in the shop again and getting this going.
Adapter, brake lines, and crossover steering in my hands.

Another order placed for two very cool items.......Smile

Gotta get to the shop and get the Burb out of the shop.
Tracking numbers for two items plus accessories. Big Grin
AKMark Wrote:Adapter, brake lines, and crossover steering in my hands.

Another order placed for two very cool items.......Smile

Gotta get to the shop and get the Burb out of the shop.

What crossover kit did you get?

And why are there no pictures on this thread?
No pictures as this build is awaiting the teardown of the SAV. Once the SAV is out of the shop, then this begins.

I went with ORD, know several guys who run it and love it. I actually bought one before, but a PCS kept my build at the time down and eventually the kit and vehicle were sold to others.

Twin winches (one front and one rear) are in the works for this vehicle.
Hope to roll her into the shop tomorrow or Saturday evening.
Well, rolled it into the garage before work, and after the wife and kids were asleep, went and started.

Fuel drained (going from gas to diesel)
Front clip ready to be pulled, just needs the hood off and it should come right off as well.
Doors off
Several small pieces taken off in various places

If one of two folks could lend me a hand either today (Thursday) or tomorrow between 9 and 11am or in the evenings after 8pm, let me know.

I need that front clip off.

Later I am going to pull the eng/trans/t-case out in one shot and just need to remove exhaust, starter, and mounts and it should come out.

If not in the next two days, I hope to work on it Saturday afternoon/evening.
Big thanks to Kevin and Bruno who helped me remove the front clip this morning.

I'm going to try to prep the eng/trans/t-case to come out tomorrow evening or Saturday.

Gotta get some sleep tonight, I'm dragging.

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